STOP Clinic Website Redesign


The STOP Clinic website redesign has just launched.

The site was originally built circa 1995. I rebuilt it in WordPress around 2013, but the client, the charming Leslie Lyon, wanted to keep the look as close to the original site as possible at the time.

Fast forward seven years and she agreed to let us redesign the site. We decided to make it more open and uplifting in order to try to engage users and increase conversions. We simplified the site structure by consolidating a lot of the information.

We also retooled the testimonies and FAQs to try to make them more user-friendly.

The coup de gras was convincing Leslie to allow us to update the logo as well. The biggest problem I had with it is that the main graphic had a very pixelated, clip-art looking image and STOP in the logo had a period behind each letter, making it look like an acronym. We came up with a few options for Leslie and what you see on the site now was the winner.

The website it, of course, responsive so as to work on all devices.

We also discussed several digital marketing options we might implement down the road.

Go check out the STOP Clinic website redesign, and if you know anybody who needs to quit smoking, please share the link. I know the treatment works because a family member of mine (who connected me with Leslie in the first place) successfully underwent it and hasn’t smoked since!

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