Over 9800% ROI for Hotel


I don’t toot my own horn very often. It’s a flaw, really. We do good work and I’m terrible at promoting it.

But I had to take a minute to share this one.

One of our clients is an oceanfront hotel in Carolina Beach, NC. December is just days away, and as you might guess, oceanfront hotels that aren’t located in the tropics see a downturn in business this time of year. It’s not that winters aren’t nice in North Carolina. In fact, just a couple weeks ago it was 71˚ on a Saturday. Nice breeze, beautiful weather.

But still, beachfront hotels in North Carolina are generally not anywhere near capacity this time of year.

And so my client wanted to run a special.

I’ve run a few specials for them in the just-over-a-year I’ve worked with them, and we’ve hit it out of the park before.

In this particular case, the manager emailed me with the details of the promo. I created a blog post then sent an email to a list of guests they’ve built up over the years. After that I set up a few different Facebook ads and let ‘er rip.

The email went out a couple weeks ago and the ads started running one week ago with a lifetime budget of $200.

Due to the way the booking system is set up, I can’t get Facebook to record completed sales, so I like to check in regularly to see the results. This gives us a chance to see if we need to tweak anything or start from scratch.

On my end, we were looking at 177 page views from the ads at 34¢ per, which is really good in and of itself. Here’s the email I sent to the manager and his response.

Read that. In one week, we were able to net them eight reservations worth over $6,000. The ad spend as of this writing? $60.93.

That’s a 9864.7% return on investment. 😳

I had to use an online ROI calculator to make sure I wasn’t figuring that up wrong.

Who would say no to a machine that gives you almost $10,000 for every dollar you spend?

Now, can I say we always get results like this? No.

But we are pretty good at it, and this isn’t the first time we’ve had results like that for this particular client. Makes me think we should niche down to only offering digital marketing services for oceanfront hotels, but I really like working with a wide variety of clients.

So if you’d like to talk about getting an ROI machine going for your business, hit us up.


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