Book Book Boom! How We Helped a Hotel Generate Over $200,000


Case Study: Transforming a Beach Paradise into a Reservation Powerhouse

The Challenge:

Imagine a hidden gem nestled along the coast, a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation – but with a website that didn’t quite capture its magic. That was the case for our client, a stunning beach hotel facing an outdated online presence that wasn’t attracting the bookings it deserved.

Our Approach:

We knew the first step was to create a digital experience that mirrored the beauty and comfort of the hotel itself. We embarked on a website redesign, crafting a modern and visually captivating platform that showcased the hotel’s offerings in all their glory. But we didn’t stop there. Recognizing the now-dominant importance of mobile browsing, we ensured the website was fully responsive, providing a seamless experience for guests on any device.

We knew that just having a pretty website wasn’t enough though. We had to get the website in front of people looking for a beach getaway as well as those who needed a nudge that an oceanfront holiday is what their soul was yearning for.

The All-Inclusive Advantage:

Understanding the complexities of managing a successful online presence, we introduced our comprehensive, digital concierge service. This all-encompassing package took care of everything from premium server hosting and website updates to search engine optimization, social media management, strategic digital ads, and engaging email marketing campaigns. This holistic approach allowed us to be nimble and adapt our strategies in real-time, ensuring we were always maximizing the hotel’s online visibility and appeal.

Measuring Success:

Transparency and accountability are paramount to our work. To demonstrably illustrate the impact of our efforts, we meticulously tracked campaign performance using unique coupon codes. By analyzing these codes across email campaigns, blog posts, and social media initiatives, we were able to directly attribute 212 additional reservations to our efforts, translating to a revenue increase of $203,509.37.

Beyond the Numbers:

However, the impact extends far beyond quantifiable results. Our comprehensive digital strategy also generated significant incidental traffic through organic search engine optimization and social media engagement. While we can’t directly measure the exact number of bookings resulting from this incidental traffic, it undoubtedly played a crucial role in increasing overall website visibility and brand awareness, ultimately leading to more reservations.

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