WBLA New Website Announcement



Wilmington, NC-WBLA announces the launch of our newly designed web site beginning February 1, 2012 at www.wblasurf.org.

The newly designed site will provide up-to-date information concerning sponsored events, annual contest information, meeting locations, member benefits, hot links to local businesses, sponsored movie night information, photo gallery of our members, classified section for members, and travel tips/info for those who are looking to go on a surfing adventure, video pane, current swell/tide information, and of course our college scholarship information for local students qualifying for limited tuition assistance.

Additionally, new contact e-mail addresses have been developed for more specific or targeted information requests for members or interested individuals.

The Wrightsville Beach Longboard Association is a group of young and old surfers who see the need to capture the true spirit of surfing, to use this spirit for the betterment of our communities and to live the surfing lifestyle in a positive manner. The WBLA promotes surfing as a way of life. This is not a club of exclusivity, as each person makes his or her contributions to the goals of the association, we will be judged by the contributions to the community and the character of our members.

Wrightsville Beach Longboard Association
P.O. Box 541
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

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