Sell Gift Certificates on Your Website


I love Gravity Forms. Long ago I used to use Contact Form 7 on all the sites I built, but when I discovered Gravity Forms, it was game over for any other WordPress contact form plugin. The ease of building just about any sort of form you can think of, from a simple contact form to newsletter signups to more complex conditional logic forms (which display different questions based on previous answers) made it a no-brainer. That’s why we include it on every site we build.

One of the great features they’ve added is form templates, which is exactly what it sounds like. You pick a template, import it, then simply customize portions of it to suit your needs.

One Gravity Form template that is really popular for the holiday season is the Gift Certificate Order Form Template. It includes conditional logic and a multi-page layout for a pleasing user experience and lets you choose from a variety of payment processors. It also hooks into your choice of email marketing and CRM platforms.

Would you like to sell gift certificates on your website? Get in touch with us to set it up on your website!

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