Case Closed: Cracking the Code to Generate PI Leads


The Challenge

Bill, a seasoned private investigator, faced a common dilemma: his agency’s phone wasn’t ringing as often as he’d like. While offering a range of valuable services, Bill needed a strategy to attract new clients seeking his expertise in areas like infidelity investigation, child custody investigations, and background checks.

Our Approach

We embarked on a targeted digital advertising campaign, initially promoting Bill’s entire service portfolio. However, data-driven insights revealed that infidelity and child support investigations resonated most with potential clients. With this valuable knowledge, we strategically refocused the campaign, tailoring messaging and targeting to address these specific needs with individual landing pages.

Tracking Success

Given the limitations of call tracking at the time, we meticulously monitored two key metrics: clicks on landing pages and, most importantly, clicks on the contact page, the only page on the site that listed the company’s contact information. Prior to our efforts, the contact page received a paltry four clicks – a clear indication of the need for improvement.

Results that Speak Volumes

The impact was immediate. Within the initial trial phase, we witnessed a significant surge, driving 34 clicks to the contact page, an impressive eight-and-a-half-fold increase. Bill’s enthusiastic response was telling: “The emails haven’t exploded, but my phone has!” Recognizing the campaign’s effectiveness, Bill confidently opted for a 50% budget increase.

The results continued to soar. The following month, we generated a remarkable 177 leads. The month after that we netted an even more impressive 212 leads… within the first half of the month! Bill’s email to us echoed the success: “My phone has been ringing off the hook!” The campaign’s effectiveness necessitated a temporary pause to allow Bill’s team to manage the influx of calls.

The long-term impact was equally impressive. Two months after pausing the campaign, a staggering 62% of Bill’s website traffic originated from the leads we generated.

This case study isn’t just a story, it’s proof. We went from four contact page clicks to 212 qualified leads in just two months, and helped Bill’s website traffic surge by 62%. Are you ready to transform your quiet website into a lead generation powerhouse?

Let us help you unlock the same potential and propel your business forward.

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