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With more than a decade of experience in website design, Nextwave Concepts builds websites that don’t just look great – they help your business accomplish great things!

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Web design that grows your business

We build websites that actively work to promote and grow your business. And they look great, too!

Over the years we’ve been trusted with designing all kinds of websites. Whether you need an ecommerce website, an informational website, a lead generation website, a blog website, or anything else, we’ve done it and we can help you out!

At Nextwave Concepts, our philosophy on web design is that anyone can build you a website, but we want to work with you to make sure the website we build actively helps grow your business. That means different things to different companies, which is why we 

All our websites are built in an easy-to-use content management system, so you can update it with ease. But we know that some people are too busy running their business to update their own website, so our secure SSL hosting includes 30 minutes of website maintenance every month.

Need more than 15 minutes of updates on your site every month? Ask us about our maintenance services!

Website Hosting

If your website is a house, hosting is the plot of land your house is built on.

Think about your dream home. Where do you want to build it? 

On the beach? 

On a wooded lake? (My choice.)

Right next to a city dump?

Just like not all land is the same, not all hosting is the same. You can get super cheap hosting, but do you really want to put your website on the dump?

We have dedicated servers. We can provide you with that beachfront home too, but just like real beach property, it costs a bit more. By default we put you in a nice neighborhood though. Good schools, friendly neighbors, everything most people could ask for.

Why do we provide you with premium hosting? 

We know what works best for the websites we build, so our servers and the hosting accounts on them are optimized for the way we build your website.

Nextwave hosting comes with some pretty great features.

Daily Backups
We keep three days of backups available at any time so we can restore it at any time. Additional backups time is available.

Monthly Maintenance
We include 15 minutes of maintenance to your site each month. This means we’re not going to nickel and dime you for every little change you need done to your site. So if you want to change something simple like a phone number or add a paragraph of text, we don’t charge for that. 

We have maintenance packages available for people who need more work done regularly on their sites.

SSL Certificate
Do you ever go to a website and get a warning that it might not be secure? An SSL certificate makes sure information passed to and from the site is secure. It’s not required for websites, but it’s basically required these days.

High Page Speeds
Part of this is how a website is built, but another part of it is the server. We set our server to server your website fast, which Google likes. And so do your visitors.

Unlimited Accounts
Need more space and/or bandwidth. We have an upgrade for that.

Friendly, Responsive Support
That’s us. Do I sound scary?



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