Do you know what digital marketing is?

Let’s start with that, since many people aren’t totally sure what it means.

Put in the simplest possible terms, digital marketing is using online channels to reach customers and convince them to spend their hard-earned money with you.

These resources include:

  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok (among others)
  • Paid advertising on Google, Bing (yes, that’s still a thing, believe it or not), and social media channels
  • Search engines
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Email marketing

There’s more, like chatbots and texting, but you get the idea.

Who needs digital marketing?

Let’s toss out some numbers.

  •  85.4% of internet users research things online at least once a month.
  • Google alone gets over 40,000 searches every second.
  • Shopping ads account for 76% of retail sales.
  • 52% of consumers would switch brands if they didn’t feel they were getting a personalized experience.
  • 70% of organizations say their blog content is a top 5 content channel.
  • 82.8% of internet users watch at least one online video a month.
  • Data-driven personalized marketing increases ROI 5-8 times for ad spend.
  • 56% of customers are more loyal to brands they feel get them.
  • Emails have 50-100 times higher click-through rates than Facebook and Twitter.

That’s a lot of varied information, so what am I trying to tell you?

If you have a business, big or small, B2B or B2C, if you’re not implementing digital marketing you’re lighting money on fire and tossing it down the drain.

What’s your digital marketing process?

There’s no one-strategy-fits-every-business technique here. Getting people to sign up for life coaching isn’t the same as selling sporting goods or getting someone hired to renovate a bathroom.

You might use the same tools in all of them, but you don’t always use them the same way.

I’m not going to bore you with the details, but here’s the overview of how we approach digital marketing.

We listen to you

We want to know exactly what you do.

We want to know exactly who your customers are.

We want to know what success looks like for you.

Form a plan

In almost every case, we’ll use social media, local search engine optimization, content, and email marketing to not just get your customers’ attention, but to grab them by their chin and drag them to your website.

Make you money

Once we’ve got the plan in place, we start working on it.

It’ll be obvious that it’s working because you’ll be getting more calls, leads, sales, whatever it is you’re after. But we’ll also provide reports so you can actually measure the impact we’re having with our efforts.

After that the money machine is set up and you start padding your bank account.

Simple as that?

When you walk into a brand new home you just bought, you don’t think about what went into building the house, and you usually don’t have to think too much about all the moving parts that went into buying it.

You don’t think about the construction workers, plumbers, drywall hangers, floor installers, tile setters, masons, roofers, electricians, and painters that put it all together.

You probably don’t think too much about your real estate agent, the seller, the seller’s agent, attorneys, and mortgage brokers.

You just get a key, you walk in, and you reap the fruits of all that labor.

That’s what we do for you.

In simple terms, we bring you business.

In actuality, we’re setting up accounts, creating ad copy, newsletters, social media posts, blog articles, chat bots, analytics, reports, and all the other stuff that goes into a successful digital marketing campaign.

And you just get to do what you do while we bring the people to you.

Digital Marketing For FREE

We almost forgot to come back to that part, didn’t we?

At the top of the page we said, “We get results or we work for free.” What do we mean by that?

If, after 60 days, you are not seeing results based on your stated goals, we’ll work for free until that changes.

That’s better than a “Results or your money back” guarantee because we’ll still be doing the work and you won’t be paying. That puts a mountain of incentive on us to make sure you’re getting the outcome you need. 

You really have nothing to lose.

Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign Now

How do you start raking in the money?

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