WordPress Site Speed Optimization Service


We all do it. We are all impatient.

You really want to buy that gizmo you’ve been thinking about, but the first site you click on to buy isn’t fully loaded after a few seconds, so you skip on to the next website.

If that site owner had take the time to get a WordPress site speed optimization service for their website, they’d have your money and be shipping that gizmo to you already.

How many of us know how long it takes for our own WordPress site to load? It’s probably a lot longer than you realize, and even a few seconds can turn people away from your brand forever in the age of high speed internet. They’re not going to wait for your site to load. No, they’re just going to go to the next site down the list, forgetting your site forever.

That’s bad, but it’s not even the worst part. A big factor in a website’s search engine ranking is the user experience. When visitors hang out on a site for a while, it tells Google that your content is useful and relevant, which pushes you up in the rankings. When people peace out after a few seconds, it sends Google a signal that your site is not worthy.

It’s a double whammy, yet most of us don’t even realize we are doing anything wrong. It’s like you didn’t study for an exam… not because you were lazy but because you didn’t even know there was an exam!

If you’re at a restaurant and you wait half an hour for drinks and the server hasn’t even taken your food order yet, what do you do? You leave and either go to another restaurant or just give up and go home.

The same thing happens when people want to visit a website. Only instead of half an hour you have literally seconds.

Are you worried that you need a WordPress site speed optimization service yet?

If not, check this out:

WordPress Site Speed Optimization Service Matters

Do you see that? Even if your site only takes up to three seconds to load, you’ve already got one chance in three that a user is bored. Up to five seconds? I shudder to consider it.

So what do you do?  How do you fix it?

Find your WordPress Page Speed

First of all, why don’t you check to see if your site needs speeding up. Here, we’ll even give you the tools to do it. Click the links below, put in your website, go grab a coffee, or water if coffee isn’t your cup of tea (or get a cup of tea if a cup of tea is your cup of tea), because they take a minute or two, then come back and see how your site did.

If your site is like most, you’re probably a little shocked by your scores. There’s a lot of information related to page speed on there, including tips on increasing your numbers (if you can make heads or tails of it), but what you really want to look at is the load times. How did you fare with those?

Our WordPress Site Speed Optimization Service

Have you ever taken your perfect, beloved dog to a friend’s house, and the first thing your little angel doe sis hike up his leg and take a whizz on your buddy’s carpet? That’s kind of how I felt about my website when I first saw my site speed scores, before I started taking them more seriously.

I took action though, and you can see the results for yourself.

WordPress Site Speed Optimization Service Results

Now look, these results are terrific. Look them up on the other site speed tools and you’ll see more excellence. We can’t guarantee the same results for you though, because every site is different and there are a lot of factors that go into site speed, some of which can’t be fixed without redesigning a site.

In most cases though, improvement can be made!

Here are two things you can do right now to get started on your road to a speedy WordPress website, thanks to our WordPress Site Speed Optimization Service:

Get an audit. We’ll perform an in-depth review of your site and let you know exactly how to optimize your WordPress website speed.

Let us fix it. Don’t have time to do it yourself? Most people don’t. Leave it to the professionals. The best part? We charge based on results.

Whether you do it yourself or bestow that honor upon us, your site visitors (and Google) will appreciate the upgrade.

Got questions? Let us know. Otherwise, go ahead and get started now.

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