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We Help Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses Grow

What does it mean, that we help build businesses?

It means exactly that.

But first, let’s get something out of the way. 

Let me ask you a question.

Do you like talking to people who talk over your head to sound smart or important?

I don’t. Most people don’t. I’m sure you don’t either.

We’re not going to BS you. We’re not going to use fancy jargon and buzzwords to sound impressive. We really and truly care about helping companies we work with succeed, and we can’t do that if we don’t connect with you.

Or, more importantly, if you don’t feel connected to us. 

And how connected are you going to feel with someone who says things just to sound important?

So we’re going to talk with you, plain and simple, and we’re going to shoot straight with you. And hopefully you’ll realize we’re the kind of people who like to create good, lasting relationships. And what do you always hear is key to a good relationship? Good communication. So we’re going to communicate with you as goodly as we can.

So, how do we help businesses grow?

Oh yes, the matter at hand, the reason you’re here! Let’s get back to that.

Nextwave Concepts started life as a web design company that also offered SEO.

Not too long after that we recognized the growing importance having a presence on social media was having for businesses, so we started offering social media management services to our clients.

And then over the years you get asked about a little of this, a little of that, and before you know it we’re doing everything you need to successfully manage an online presence, and then some!

Here are the things we do.

The answer is: We do all the web stuff. And then some. 

Like many web design and digital marketing agencies, we build websites and we bring traffic to those websites to get people to take some sort of action that helps your business. But we don’t do it like other design or marketing agencies. No, we have a fresh approach, one that draws people in and gets them begging to become your clients.

What’s our secret sauce? I can’t go into it all here. I mean really, we dive deep. Like, “Hello, Marianas Trench! Nice to see you today!” deep. It’s just too much to go into and would probably bore you. Besides, you wouldn’t have time to do it yourself anyway or you wouldn’t be here reaching out to us, would you? Suffice it to say we go to great lengths to understand the characteristics and psychology of your intended audience.

So purposeful website design, we’ve got you covered. Years of experience managing social media and running digital ads to get traffic and leads? Yes, we love doing that. Devising customized marketing strategies for a business’s particular needs is fun and, dare I say, a bit exhilarating to me.

Professional photography? Yup. Professional video that would knock your socks off? Yup. Can we use drones? Yes. (We get asked that one pretty often. People sure love drone footage.)

Can we do podcasts? Yes. We can help you set them up, edit and publish them, or we can even run them for you if you’re a little shy behind the mic.

Content? Check.

Custom graphics? Check.

Website hosting, domain management, updates and maintenance? Check, check, and check.

But here’s where we’re really different.

The thing that makes us truly stand out. Sets us apart.

We want to really get to know your business. Like, intimately. We’ll embed ourselves in your company and help shore up weak points that you might have overlooked. We’ll draw up SOPs to help you run more efficiently. Maybe help set up new employee training. We’ll go all Gordon Ramsey on your business (but with a bit more tact) and turn it into a fine-tuned machine of efficiency!

See, like I said, we don’t want to just build your website. We really want to build your business.

Our desire to help your business is driven by three things

1. We’re decent people. Empathetic, many of us. It makes us happy to make other people happy.

2. Pride. When we hear a client being interviewed, when we see a logo we designed on a work truck driving through town, it makes us proud to be associated. It makes us feel like we’re a part of something bigger.

3. Money. Let’s be real here. (I said we’d shoot straight, right?) We want to make money. (Zach, the owner, has four kids. He needs money.) And if we make you money you’ll keep paying us, and if we make you more and more money, you’ll pay us more money. And, bonus, if we’re making you money, you’re going to tell your friends we helped make you money, and then your friends will pay us money (and we’ll give you some of that money) so we’ll make more money. So let’s all make money together!

Don't take our word for it...

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What Makes Nextwave Concepts the Best Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency?

Nextwave Concepts a highly-rated web design and digital marketing agency based in that was founded in 2011 in Wilmington, North Carolina with clients across the country (literally, from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina to San Diego, California). Nextwave is focused on achieving your desired results by finding creative, tailored solutions for your online needs. 

What is your goal for your website and your online presence? Do you need to reach people? Do you want to sell your products online? Or maybe you just want to inform people about your business. Whatever you need your site to do, Nextwave’s website design and digital marketing services aim to bring your target audience to you.

Having built hundreds of websites over the years, we know how to keep up with the changing trends and standards in website design to ensure your website’s success and sustainability.

Websites designed by Nextwave have have a record of success in everything from getting traffic to generating leads to selling online products. Nextwave loves working with a wide variety of businesses, helping flesh out innovative online ventures with brand-friendly websites and creative marketing strategies involving social media management, search engine optimization, email marketing, and ad management to create growth for client businesses.

The web design and digital marketing experts at Nextwave Concepts enjoy building long-term partnerships with clients and strive to provide top notch, friendly, and personal customer service while building and maintaining the best websites. Nextwave is Wilmington, NC’s top web design and digital marketing agency. Check out some of our work in our web design portfolio and digital marketing case studies.

Nextwave Concepts is standing by, ready to put creativity, knowledge, and winning experience into your next digital online project.

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