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Search engine optimization, SEO for short, is the art of getting a website to rank high on search engine result pages.  No, you can’t just buy a website and expect people to find it; your competitors want that top search engine spot too.

The amount of information out there on websites and in books about search engine optimization is uncountable, and to make it even harder the search engines are constantly changing what determines who gets the top spot on their results page, but essentially it boils down to two aspects: onsite (the content and coding of your site) and offsite (websites that link to yours).

An effective search engine optimization campaign takes a lot of planning and even more execution.  That’s where we come in.  We know how to rank sites and we can come up with effective strategies to increase your site’s ranking and effective traffic.


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Each website is different and requires different strategies.  The packages listed above are general guidelines of what is included in each. Depending on the state of the site at the beginning of the SEO campaign, on-site work may be required.  Nextwave Concepts will outline work required on your site with the Monthly Website Audit Report.  This work can be done by you, another webmaster or by Nextwave Concepts at our standard hourly rate.


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