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• Search engine friendly

• Easy-to-use content management system

• Monthly maintenance included with hosting

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Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Network Management

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  • Just thought I’d send you this bc it’s such a great compliment to my website design!

    And something that I’ve never seen before,  your bounce rate is 2% -

    Honestly that’s unheard of in search marketing,  That means 98% of your visitors look at more than 1 page, the average bounce rate is usually around 50% to 60% – anything around 30% is considered very good.

    What’s more telling is that your Google Organic bounce rate is Under 0.2% - for the ENTIRE QUARTER –  I’ve never seen that in 15 years of being in this industry.

    That’s a testament to your web site’s design.

    Bryce Batts
    Bryce BattsClothes Hound
  • A few of my friends have checked out the new website and think it looks VERY professional… a major improvement from my other site.

    Danielle Pauljohn
    Danielle PauljohnPauljohn Family Law
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