Pop Toss Redesign

The Pop Toss website was an interesting project as far as redesigns go. I actually thought their existing website was pretty decent, but it was built with one of those “You can make awesome websites all on your own!” builders and had some deficiencies. The content and navigation were not intuitive and you never knew whether you had added an item to your cart or not.

The biggest issue, however, was that the design was way too wide. Because it wasn’t responsive, it didn’t fit properly on any screen, whether you were on a desktop or a mobile device. Even on a desktop computer, you had to drag your browser window ridiculously wide in order to not have any of the elements cut off.

We simplified the design, cleaned up the content, fixed the navigation, and redid the entire ecommerce¬†section. As we were going over some of the finishing touches, the client sent me an email saying, “I love it. Great, great, great job. I wish we had gotten with you long ago.” You’ve got to love hearing things like that.

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