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Many people don't realize that a website must have a place to store all the files that go into making it.  If a website is a house then hosting is the plot of land on which it sits.

You can find hosting for anywhere from just a few bucks to hundreds (or more) of dollars a month, depending on your needs.  At Nextwave Concepts, we do things a little differently in that we package updates into our monthly hosting packages.  It's like having an in-house web guy without having to pay a salary and benefits.

We also include an SSL certificate with every hosting account. Without an SSL certificate, web browsers mark your website as being not secure, eroding visitor trust. SSL certificate encrypt data on your website and are favored by search engines like Google. SSL certificates vary widely in cost and are a pain to have to set up annually. We take care of all of that for you.






30 minutes/month
$100/hour thereafter
3 hours/month
$80/hour thereafter
10 hours/month
$50/hour thereafter


$24.95/month $249.95/month $749.95/month
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Most hosting accounts require less than 100 megabytes of space.  All of our accounts start with 1 gigabyte of space.  That's 1,024 megabytes, more than 10x what most sites need.  We are flexible with allotting more space as long as all of the files in the account are related to the website.

In the case that a website is using too many resources to the detriment of the server and other accounts on it, for example: high RAM usage from running too many processes, Nextwave Concepts may discuss moving you to a more advanced account.  This is an extremely rare happenstance, but it is a right we must reserve for the security of our other clients.