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Search Engine Optimization

Increase website traffic with a better organic ranking (that means "not using ads") in search engines through a combination of proven onsite and offsite techniques.

Search engine optimization, SEO for short, is the art of getting a website to rank high on search engine result pages. No, you can't just buy a website and expect people to find it; your competitors want that top search engine spot too.

The amount of information out there on websites and in books about search engine optimization is overwhelming. And to make it even harder, Google and other search engines are constantly changing algorithms, the factors that determine how sites rank in search results. Essentially, though, it boils down to two aspects: onsite (the content and coding of your site) and offsite (other websites that reference yours).

An effective search engine optimization campaign takes a lot of planning and even more execution.  That's where we come in. We know how to rank sites and we know effective strategies to increase your site's ranking.

Depending on the state of your website at the beginning of the SEO campaign, more on-site work may be required. We have several different levels of service, from running reports and telling you what needs to be done on your site to taking care of everything for you. 

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SEO Service Packages

Our SEO service includes weekly ranking reports, on-site page optimization, a monthly keyword-focused blog article, and one of the following each month (as applicable):




Weekly Ranking Report

Up to 10 Keywords*

Comprehensive Website
SEO Analysis

Suggested Action Report

Upon Request





Weekly Ranking Report

Up to 20 Keywords*

1 Blog Article/Month**

1 On-site Page

Off-site Optimization
Not Included





Weekly Ranking Report

Up to 45 Keywords*

2 Blog Articles/Month**

2 On-site Page Optimizations/Month

1 Off-site Optimization




Weekly Ranking Report

Up to 100 Keywords*

4 Blog Articles/Month**

3 On-site Page Optimizations/Month

2 Off-site Optimization

*Additional keywords available at a rate of $10/month per set of 10 up to 100 total keywords.
**Additional blog articles available at a rate of $50 each.


Offsite Services

  • Citation Audit
  • Existing Citation Cleanup
  • Citation Building
  • Media Citations
  • Contextual Links
  • PR Wrting & Distribution
  • Infographic & Distribution
  • Social Signals
  • Social Profile Grab
  • Niche Website Posts
  • Link Indexing
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Guest Blogging
  • Google Cloud Links

There is a $99 setup fee for all SEO packages