Inside a Proposal


Since this lists a few services, I thought I’d let you in on what an initial contact with a client can look like.  This is a complete cold call.  The steps I usually take are to introduce myself, explain why I am contacting them, give a few suggestions, and tell how I can help.  I usually try to give it a little time then follow up a few days later.


My wife was looking at your website to find [some information] for some people at her place of work and suggested I take a look at your site.

My name is Zach, and I help people with their websites.  Not only do I create websites for people, I also help in marketing aspects such as search engine optimization and social networking.

For an establishment as well known as [business name], I was a bit surprised by the state of the website.  The homepage, which is the main reason my wife emailed me to take a look at the site, looks like a sponsor page.  It’s information overload.  The eye doesn’t know where to go, and so it doesn’t really go anywhere.  There are much better ways to handle serving up all the information presented on the page.  The navigation isn’t very intuitive either with all the other buttons/ads distracting from the main content area.

Several of the interior pages are different, meaning there’s little design consistency from page to page.  I also noticed that the pages linked to at the very bottom of the page have absolutely no design and styling.

I’d love to discuss cleaning up your website.  I feel I could make the user experience better by creating a modern website with an intuitive layout and consistent look implemented throughout the site.  The site would include an admin area so that you or anyone else with login credentials could update the site with ease whenever they want.

I also noticed while looking up your information that while your [one place] location is rated at a decent 3.5 stars in Google that your [other] location only has two stars (see attachment).  I’ve read that 70% of people who use the internet now look up online reviews to help decide where to spend their money (be it a doctor, a car dealership or a restaurant).  If that number is true, think about how much business you might be losing from these negative reviews.

Another service of mine is online reputation management.  I can help filter reviews so that good ones go to review sites needing a lift while the negative ones are directed to you so that you can take care of any issues internally.  Two things should be noted:  1.  I do not create fake positive reviews.  2.  The negative reviews do not go away- they get diluted with newer positive reviews, slowly bringing up your score.

[Name], I’m sure I’ve gone on long enough at this point.  The bottom line is that I’d really like to help you with your business.  If you’re interested, give me a call or just respond to this email.

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