Also about a month late in making the announcement is the debut of the redesigned website for  As ecommerce sites go, this one was a tad more customized than the rest, utilizing payment and shipping modules that we have not implemented previously.  Also unlike others, we actually imported the products ourselves (though at an additional hourly rate). For more …

Redesigned Pauljohn Family Law Practice Website

Redesigned Pauljohn Family Law Practice Website

I was first introduced to Danielle Pauljohn of the Pauljohn Family Law Practice in Westlake Village, California by Michael Runkle, an old friend and another attorney whose website and search engine optimization is managed by Nextwave Concepts.  The primary interest was in our search engine optimization service, but after reviewing the website, which was built through a hosting company’s content …

Reborn Designs

Nextwave Concepts is proud to announce the launch of the redesigned Reborn Designs by SB website.  The site went live on Tuesday. The overall look and feel of the website is very similar to its previous incarnation, but a lot of functionality was added.  Among the most important of the new features are the client’s ability to edit the website … Official Website

Two friends head off to go camping for a bachelor weekend in the Uwharrie National Forest, home of… Bigfoot?  That’s the premise of this documentary-style thriller, sure to become a cult classic.  Dude. The website itself is a basic informational site with a slider on the homepage and a blog for news. You can check out the trailer here. Redesign

Operation Pretty Things is a non-profit organization that helps empower women who are victims of domestic violence.  Their original website was a simple blog on, but they knew they needed something more professional and presentable.  We consulted with them and came up with a design, launching it by Valentine’s Day of 2012, which was a very active time for … Redesign

We originally discussed hosting and search engine optimization with Bryce from Clothes Hound, a Raleigh women’s boutique.  Despite several days of trying to transfer her site in its existing form by our server admin team, we were not able to get the site moved over.  Concerned about her current server’s speed and having thought about it anyway, Bryce decided to … Redesign

The Wilmington, NC area is chock full of wedding professionals.  One thing I noticed a while back is that almost every single photographer and videographer has the exact same website: minimalist homepage with large image links to other sections of the website, most of which is Flash and may or may not have music playing. I’ve reached out to several …