Social Network Management

Social Networks have grown rapidly in popularity.  Nowadays even Grandma is on Facebook so she can keep up with the millions of Instagram photos Mom and Dad shared of Baby’s first peas.

But don’t get hung up on all those status updates, the endless number of crazy cat videos or how many times you come across “50 ways to way to make a cake.”  Social Networking is a great way to get your name out there and make your business more relatable.  Share blog posts and interesting articles from current events.  Upload commercials and testimonials.  Post photos of happy customers or that beautiful view outside your window.  Pin how-tos related to your business.  Or just have fun with a link to a funny comic strip or a photo of the staff goofing off.

All of a business’s social networks should be updated on a regular basis so customers know you are active.  It can quickly become a second job keeping up with the posting, the tweeting, the liking, the commenting, the sharing, the following, following interesting accounts and so on.  Having someone provide social network management can take the load off your back so you can concentrate on business as usual.  Whether you’re looking to run a contest on Facebook, grow Twitter followers, get active on Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube, announce a new service, promote a hot product or just make sure your accounts are staying active, we can develop a strategy to help your business succeed.

Social Networks

Here’s a list of the social networks we have helped manage for our clients:

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