SEO Review: September 4, 2012


Yes, it’s a day late, I know.  I was out of town for Labor Day.  Anyway, all rankings below were current as of the beginning of the week with the exception of Ben’s, which are checked more frequently.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

A couple weeks ago we added a load of new keywords to Joe’s campaign.  They went from not ranking to most of them ranking extremely high in the matter of a week.  Little surprise to me, a number of them dropped back out of the top 100 this week, though quite a few stayed, too.  This is just Google making sure the rankings are where they’re supposed to be, and I expect them to dance around for a while.  It’s similar to what happened with Ben’s campaign, where a lot of keywords went from unranked to ranking really high then eventually plummeting after Google’s latest algorithm update because they’re not sure if they should be there any more.

On to the numbers.  This week Joe enjoys 30 #1 rankings with one of those having jumped 30 spots over the course of the week, with 64 in the top 10.  That’s down from 41 and 71, but like I said, it wasn’t a surprise.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Two #1’s and 13 top 10’s, which is down one from last week.  Whereas last week we saw a number of search terms move up a spot or two, this week the overall trend was down about as much.  There were several that did move up though.  The biggest loss was six, and biggest gain eight.

I think Eric’s busy season wil be over before long and he’ll be able to focus some on updating the content of his site to help get the rankings moving back up.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh has movement on half of his terms in his primary domain, with four going down but one moving up.  Fortunately the one that moved up was the largest mover at five spots, plus it was one of his main terms.  The secondary domain was split, with a couple moving up and a couple moving down one or two spots.

The primary domain has seven top 10’s with no #1 rankings while the secondary domain has one #1 and nine in the top 10.  As I’ve mentioned just about every week since it’s happened, changing back to the old website design seems to have improved the secondary domain while hurting the primary one.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

I said last week that Larry’s site showed an upward trend, and that seems to still be the case.  We’ve got one #1 and three top 10’s, which isn’t new, but with the exception of one search phrase, all are ranked within the top 100.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

We’ve got a good bit of movement again with this one, most of it being up or down just a few spots with the majority of them being positive.  While the campaign still has no #1 rankings and seven in the top 10, it’s trending in a nice direction.  The biggest drop was six spots while the biggest jump was 40.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Just like last week we’re looking at one #1 and five top 10’s.  There were a few more negative moves than positive ones, but they were also smaller.  The biggest drop was seven, while jumps included an 8, a 13 and a 26.  I believe the article that was added last week was a big help, and I’m working on adding quite a few more shortly.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin’s modest start continues, and honestly after what happened to Ben’s, where it jumped out of the gate with a bunch of really great rankings for a while then dropped back down to a fraction of what it had before, I’m okay with that.

This week Kevin still has no page one results, but seven terms are in the top 100.  One that was ranked #90 last week dropped out, but three others entered.  One other terms stayed where it was, but the rest all improved, with the biggest jump going up 38 spots to #14.  One other term is on page two.

I spoke to Kevin a bit last week and he said he’s been addicted to adding pages and content to his site.  That can do nothing but help.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

We still haven’t totally narrowed down all of Bill’s keywords, but as soon as we do we’ll have them added and start reporting on the rankings.

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