SEO Review: September 24, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

This campaign continues to do very well after beginning an article writing campaign.  We’re up to 43 #1 rankings and 67 top 10’s (both up two from last week).  While a few terms dropped between one and seven spots, the majority moved up, with the highest going 89 spots (one of this wek’s new #1’s).

While one term dropped out of the top 100 (having been ranked #94 last week), seven entered, all ranging from #20 to #7.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Still holding steady with two #1 rankings and 12 in the top 10 this week.  Just like last week there was a lot of volatility.  It appears that a few more went down than went up, but the ones that went up gained more ground than the ones that went down lost.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s main domain didn’t fare very well this week, continuing its downward trend since changing back to the old design, whereas the secondary domain continues to improve.

This week the main domain has five top 10 rankings, down one from last week, while the secondary has one #1 ranking with each term in the top 10.  All movement was +1 except for one minus three on this domain, whereas the primary had two positive gains (+1 and +9) with negatives ranging from -1 to -30.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Larry’s campaign is still at one #1 and three top 10’s, but it’s still trending upwards. Three terms went down, but five went up, including a +27.  I expect that within a few weeks we’ll have a few more in the top 10.

We’ll also be starting a social networking and article writing campaign for Larry, which should go a long way in helping, as we’ve seen with other campaigns.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle’s got six top 10’s this week.  There was mixed movement all up and down the list of search terms, pretty evenly up and down.  It’s hard to say precisely what’s it’s looking like right now, other than to say it’s still in a state of flux.  Google dancing, baby.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

I thought about making a special post about Ben’s SEO campaign last Tuesday, because I could hardly believe my eyes when I checked his rankings Tuesday morning.  As you may recall, this campaign experienced a lot of very fast success when we first started, but after a Google algorithm change the rankings tanked.

We kept chugging away at what we were doing and began adding articles.  Last week Ben had no #1 rankings and five in the top 10.  This week we’ve got seven #1’s and 45 in the top 10.  A grand total of 60 terms entered or re-entered the top 100, and not a single search term is ranked outside of the top 100.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin is still working on getting content added to the plethora of pages on his site.  While none of them have yet cracked the top 10, three moved up though one did drop.

While several of the terms are highly competitive and I knew they would, therefore, take some time to improve, I thought some of them were niche enough to be moving up already.  I think I’ll schedule a review with Kevin soon to see where he is on his content.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

Bill’s campaign is, at last, active.  I ran an initial report last Tuesday, so we have nearly a week of data to look at.  We have yet to perform any offsite work, as I like to give it a week or two to get a good read on a campaign’s standing before adding outside factors.  We did start adding articles to the site though.

Right now we’re looking at six #1 rankings with ten in the top 10.  There’s been a surprising amount of movement already, with one term moving down at much as six spots, but others jumping 20 and 63.  Interestingly enough, the ones that jumped are related to the article we put on the site the promoted with Facebook and Twitter.  Content is king, I’m telling you.

More New Campaigns

Next week we’ll be starting at least one new campaign for a website we recently built.  We’re also in talks with one or two other potential clients, at least one of which I feel very confident about.  Stay tuned!

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