SEO Review: September 10, 2012


There’s an odd trend this week where campaigns are making overall positive progress while dropping one or two keywords from the top 10.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

This campaign, which had a bunch of keywords added to it last week, continues to do pretty well, going from 20 #1 rankings last week to 43, with 63 in the top 10.  The number of top 10 rankings is down one, but considering that the number of #1 rankings is up by double digits, I consider that overlookable.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

The top part of Eric’s campaign showed a good bit of improvement this week as well, although he’s sitting at two #1 rankings and 12 top 10’s, which is actually down one this week as a 10 dropped one spot to 11.  Despite that, many of the top terms moved up with only a few dropping one spot.  There was a bit more movement outside the top two pages of the Google results, mostly small.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s domains were about as settled as they’ve been since he re-implemented his old design.  The overall stats didn’t change, with seven top 10’s and no #1 rankings for his primary domain and nine and one respectively for his secondary, but between the two domains only two search phrases dropped (one and two spots) while four gained ground.  The rest stayed where they were.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Once again Larry is sitting at one #1 and three in the top 10, but, as has been the case over the last few weeks, he’s slowly gaining ground.  Three terms dropped, one stayed the same and the rest moved up between two and five spots.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

This is another case of a campaign improving overall, but losing a bit of ground in the top 10.  In this case, Danielle is down two top 10 rankings to five, but overall she had had good positive movement throughout the list of keywords.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben’s top 10 (11, if we want to be technical) all stayed the same this week, leaving us with five top 10 rankings.  Outside of the top 10 there was one -11 (on a secondary keyword) and two -2’s, but most of the rest of the terms had positive movement.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin had one term move up this week and one sit where it was, with the rest going down between one and eight spots.  Still, it’s a young site and there’s still work being done on it.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

Bill’s keywords have yet to be completely narrowed down, but instead of waiting for a finalized list I’m going to go ahead and start tracking what we’ve got.  In fact, I’m going to start that as soon as I’ve published this report.

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