SEO Review: October 8, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

There were ups and downs in in Joe’s campaign this week, but it was overwhelmingly positive in both quantity and quality.  The worst slide was six spots, but the best jump was 26 if you don’t count the one that went from unranked to #3.

Overall we’re looking at 43 #1 rankings and 72 top 10’s, both of which are up three form last week.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

After slipping some last week, Eric had some good gains this week.  While two search terms had some pretty large drops, those two were not of primary importance and almost every other term improved in ranking.  We’ve still got two #1 rankings, but the top ten has gone back up to 12.  There was a good bit of improvement outside the top 10 as well.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Strangely, two of Nilesh’s main keywords on his primary domain had some double digit drops while a number of his other terms improved.  The secondary domain had three terms drop two or three spots, but the rest maintained or went up slightly.  This week we’re looking at five top 10’s from the primary domain and ten with the secondary domain with one #1 ranking.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

This update uses #1 and top 10 rankings as a snapshot of how a site’s ranking is going, which is generally a good measure, but Larry’s campaign is doing well even though it’s still shows the same numbers as it has for quite a while: one #1 and three top 10’s.  However, all of his search phrases are ranked in the top 100 this week and all but two moved up.  At this rate I’m expecting to have two or three more in the top ten in the next month or so, especially since we’ll be adding articles and have started a social networking campaign.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle’s campaign continues to show improvement.  There are still no #1’s, but the top 10 improved by one to nine.  However, like Larry’s campaign, we’re seeing a lot of improvement outside of the top 10.  In fact, almost every single search term improved this week.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben’s campaign did a little bit of Google dancing this week.  Actually, it’s probably more accurate to say that it’s still in a bit of a state of flux, though it continues to do very well.  There’s just a lot of up and down movement throughout all of the keywords.  At a glance, it appears that the movement is a net positive with the biggest movers going up 38 and 72 spots.  That said, #1 rankings went up one to six this week while top 10 rankings dropped three to 42.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin returned to three terms in the top 100.  He’s still working on getting his content situated.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

There were some big and major drop this week with Bill’s campaign, but I’m not too worried about it.  It’s not uncommon for rankings to drop temporarily when we’re first getting started.  On top of that, I manually checked some of the major search terms that dropped and found that they’re doing fine in the local results, so that should keep things floating until the generic search results get back up.  Right now we’re looking at five #1 rankings with eight in the top 10 (not including the local results I mentioned.)

We also just started beta testing a new service with Bill that will greatly increase his social networking effectiveness.  We’re also in the middle of redesigning his website, which should help some with the SEO efforts.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

Dave’s has a little bit of Google dancing going on with a lot of terms going up and down, though all but one of the downs were all one spot while the ups varied a good bit.  A number of terms did stay where they were too though.  Overall we’re looking at four #1 rankings and 28 top 10’s.

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