SEO Review: October 29, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

42 and 71.  Those are the numbers of #1 rankings and top 10 rankings in Google for Joe’s site this week, respectively.  Several search terms just entered or re-entered the top 100 this week and almost all movement was positive.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Eric’s movement this week was mainly downward, with both of his #1 rankings dropping to #3 and going down to 10 top 10 rankings.  I’m of a mond that fresh and distinct content on his landing pages would go a long way in turning this trend around.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s primary domain made up some ground this week with rankings jumping by as much as 31 spots, leaving it with four top 10 rankings.  The secondary domain had small movements up and down, nothing too ground shaking, leaving it with one #1 and nine top 10’s.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Larry’s maintaining two #1 rankings and four top 10’s.  Outside of the top 10 there was a little movement up and down.  Given the focus on the primary search terms with recent articles, it’s a little surprising those haven’t moved a bit more than they have, but it’s an ongoing process.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle’s website is still dancing up and down the charts.  Whereas last week we saw more terms dropping than moving up, this week it was mostly positive.  She is up to eight top 10 rankings.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben had a mix up positive and negative movement this week.  It seems that most keywords that were already ranked in the top 15 or so moved up, whereas most of them outside of that range moved down.  Still, we’re looking at nine #1 rankings, an improvement on last week by one, and a tie with last week at 44 top 10’s.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Two weeks ago, Kevin had two search terms in the top 10 and last week those two moved up.  This week those two have stayed the same, but they’ve been joined by another term that made its top 100 debut at #9.  Another entered at #11 and another at #18.

In all, Kevin is looking at three top 10’s (trending up) and 10 top 100’s.  Three terms stayed put while all the rest moved up except for one.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

Similar to Kevin’s campaign, all but one of Bill’s keywords moved up or stayed where they were except for one, which dropped a little.  In all, going solely by the report, we’re looking at five #1 rankings and 10 in the top 10.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

This week Dave has three #1’s and 25 top 10’s, both down one from last week.  Movement was overall on a downward trend, but given the youth of this site, that’s not entirely unexpected.  I expect there will be a bit of turmoil before everything settles back down with some strong rankings.

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