SEO Review: October 22, 2012


There’s one largish change I decided to implement last week that I want to make everyone aware of.  Previously there were a few accounts we checked on a daily basis, but most of them were checked on a certain day every week.  Over the past few weeks I came to realize that as we’ve grown, the process has taken too long and has caused some issues.  To that effect I’ve spread the rank checking out over the course of the week.  This makes the process much faster and is easier on our resources, but it also means that the rankings may be up to six days old in some cases.

Of course, since the rankings will still be checked every week, we’re still getting the same information; it’s just that the snapshot we’re taking may not be 100% accurate on the day of the reporting.  All in all it ultimately makes no difference, but it is a distinction I felt the need to make.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

40 #1’s and 69 top 10’s.  That’s down two #1’s, but that number has been fluctuating slightly over the last few reports.  Regardless, it’s still an outstanding record.  Movement this week was pretty split between the ups and downs, but the highest movers were +14

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Eric has two #1’s and 13 top 10’s, which is down one top 10 from last week.  However, only five of her terms dropped at all while the rest stayed where they were or moved up.  One of the main keywords moved into the top 10 this week (at #10) and another is just behind it at #11.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s primary domain had ups and downs, most of them by double digits.  It dropped from five top 10 rankings to three.  The secondary domain fared a little better, keeping its one #1 but dropping from 10 top 10’s to nine.  On the positive though, one of the primary keywords moved up to #2.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

This campaign has maintained its numbers from last week with two #1 rankings and four top 10’s.  Outside of that there were two ups and two downs, so it was a pretty stable week.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

While there were a few search terms that moved up, most of Danielle’s top 20 keywords moved down 1-3 spots, leaving her with seven top 10’s.  The good news is that outside of the top 20, a lot of progress was made.  The amount keywords moved up this week, overall, was greater than the amount any of them moved down.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Like seemingly everyone else, Ben had a mixed bag of movement this week, though his was weighted more to the positive than some of the others.  We’re looking at eight #1 rankings and 44 in the top 10, just the same as last week.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Last week Kevin broke into the top 10 for two of his search terms.  This week we’ve still got two in the top 10, but they’ve moved up to #3 and #4.  Another re-entered the top 100 for the first time since ranking at #38 in late September, but now it’s at a record high #11.  All movement this week was in a positive direction.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

You may recall that when I checked Bill’s rankings manually last week, I found more top ranking results than the report showed.  That may be the case again this week, but we saw some really good gains this week regardless.  We’re showing six #1 rankings for Bill with 12 in the top 10.  Both of those numbers are up two spots.  A few terms entered or re-entered the top 100.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

We’re seeing some continued Google dancing with Dave’s SEO rankings this week, though it’s remaining strong with four #1’s and 26 top 10’s.  Those are, coincidentally, the same numbers as last week, even though the rankings were last checked three days ago.  More terms went down than went up, but it’s still a pretty new website.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a good bit of rank dropping for a few weeks before they bounce back up, similar to how Ben’s campaign went a month or two ago.

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