SEO Review: October 15, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

Joe’s campaign continues to do well, though it slipped slightly this week, down to 42 #1 rankings with 69 in the top 10 (from 43 and 72 last week).  There were some big positive jumps though, including several that moved up 15 spots.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Eric continued moving up overall this week, with almost every search phrase holding steady or moving up.  In fact, out of the 35 phrases we’re tracking for him, only two moved down.  We maintained two #1 rankings, but the top ten has continued to climb by two, as it did last week, from 12 to 14.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

As has been the case, Nilesh’s secondary domain continues to do better than the primary one, coming in with one #1 and ten top 10’s.  The primary domain was a mixed bag with a couple double digit gains, but also a double digit loss.  It’s got no #1 rankings and five in the top 10.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

The articles we’re writing for Larry are having a definite effect, as one of the search terms targeted in an article rose four spots to #1, so for the first time Larry has two #1 rankings and four in the top 10, also an increase.  Outside of those, three moved up and three moved down.  The downward movers were one, two and three spots while the ones that gained went up five, seven and 16.  So despite the small drops, the campaign is still definitely trending in a positive direction.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

There was hardly any stillness in the Google dance that is Danielle’s SEO campaign.  A lot of the terms ranking towards the top moved down one spot, but a lot of the ones ranked lower moved up anywhere from two to ten.  As with last week, Danielle is looking at nine top 10’s with no #1 rankings, though there is one ranked at #2.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

There wasn’t a lot of movement at the very top of Ben’s campaign overall this week, but then again when you’ve got eight #1 rankings and 44 in the top 10 (both numbers improved by two this week), you can’t ask for too much movement.  That said, there was a good bit of movement and most of it was positive.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

The hard work put into Kevin’s site seems to be having an effect.  This week Kevin went from having three rankings in the top 100 to five.  On top of that, two terms jumped 27 spots this week to land at #7 and #9, giving this campaign its first top 10 rankings.  Another term jumped 36 spots, one made its top 100 debut at #51 and another appeared at #76 after only appearing once back in August at #90.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

As I said before, a lot of times when you start doing SEO work on a site, some high ranking search terms may initially drop.  That’s what happened with Bill, but we’re already seeing signs of recovery.  In addition to the reported rankings, for some reason my ranking software is not picking up some rankings.  For instance, one of the main search terms that was ranked #1 before I started reportedly dropped out of the top 100, but when I check it manually, it’s not only #1 in Google Places, but it’s also #1 in the search results, even when I tell Google to make sure not to personalize my search results.  So keep in mind that when I’m reporting these numbers, they’re actually even better than I say.

As I did say, Bill’s campaign is already moving on up, which I attribute to writing multiple articles and spreading them throughout the social networks we set up.  We’ve got four #1 rankings for Bill, which is down one from last week, but that doesn’t include at least a couple #1 rankings I manually checked.  He’s also up to 10 top 10’s (which, again, doesn’t include the oft-mentioned #1’s).  So overall we’re doing better here than it seems.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

Dave’s site continues to do well in the rankings despite its youth.  We’re maintaining four #1 rankings, though we dropped from 28 to 26 in the top 10.  The number of search phrases that went up were pretty even with the number going down, though only the only ones posting double digit gains were a few that moved up.  It’s still a young site and a bit of Google dancing is not unexpected.

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