SEO Review: October 1, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

We saw some strong positive movement this week with Joe’s campaign.  We’ve got 40 #1 rankings, which is actually down three from last week and 69 top 10 rankings, which is up two from last week, but we also have nine search terms entering the top 100 this week with rankings ranging from #93 to #6.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Eric’s campaign slipped a little overall this week.  We’ve still got two #1 rankings, but the top 10 dropped from 12 to ten.  Seven terms moved up, but 12 dropped some.  Eric’s campaign has been Google dancing for a while.  I think it could benefit from some updated and focused content writing.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s primary domain has finally had an uptick in the rankings, with two new entrants in the top 10 this week.  While it still doesn’t have any #1 rankings anymore, five are now in the top 10.  Two terms had double digit drops, but the site isn’t totally optimized for those particular ones.

The secondary domain continues to do well with one #1 and ten top 10 rankings.  Two terms dropped one spot, but all the rest either stayed where they were on page one or moved up a spot or two.

Between both domains we’ve got one #1 and 15 top 10 rankings.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

While it’s still sitting at one #1 and three top 10 rankings as it has for quite a while, Larry had two terms drop one spot each, three that didn’t move (including the #1), but the rest all moved up between two and 22 spots.  As it has been doing, it’s trending upwards nicely. We’re also starting a social networking campaign for Larry this month which will include some article writing, so I’m expecting some good movement over the next month or so.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Almost every search term in Danielle’s campaign moved up between one and 30 spots this week.  A few dropped between one and three spots, but the upward trend continues for Danielle.  There are still no #1 rankings, but there are eight top 10’s, which is up two from last week, and one of those is tanked at #2.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben’s campaign is doing some minor Google dancing, with a couple terms that dropped huge and a few that dropped a little, but overall the progress this week was positive with the majority of terms moving up.  We’ve got five #1 rankings (down two from last week) and 45 in the top 10 (the same as last week).  There are several terms knocking at the top 10 though, with four at #11, three of which moved there from #12 this week.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin’s campaign took a hit this week and only has two terms in the top 100.  He’s still working on adding content to his site in the manner that we have done for a number of the other campaigns.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

Bill’s campaign holds steady with six #1 rankings, but improves from ten top 10’s to 14, the lowest ranking of those coming in at #5.  Movement outside of the top 10 was mixed but there wasn’t a whole lot of movement with it, so since things are steady now I’m thinking it’s time to start up some of the off-site optimization, so we’ll be moving on that today or tomorrow.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

Dave is a client whose site isn’t 100% completed, but most of the content is there and we’re waiting on just a couple more pictures to add to it.  His SEO campaign officially starts today, though sine it was a brand new site I went ahead and started the off-site SEO already just to get it warmed up.

As of the first set up rankings, Dave is looking at three #1 rankings and 26 top 10’s.  In fact, all but two of his 40 search phrases are in the top 100.  It’s a great start, but after seeing the initial success of Ben’s campaign and what happened to it after a little time, I’m wary that this one, too, might temporarily crash before coming back up.  Still, I’m pleased with such a good start.

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