SEO Review: November 5, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

Joe’s got 41 #1 rankings this week and 72 in the top 10.  Those numbers are down one and up one, respectively, but on the positive side a couple of those #1 rankings included very big leaps.  Most of the terms in the top 10 went up, while most of them from #20 and down that moved moved down.  We probably just need a little more article writing, which Joe told me last week he’s planning to do.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Eric’s progress this week was mixed, with a number of search terms taking small hits while several made large leaps.  Overall I’d say a few keywords moving up double digits beats a few dropping a spot or two.  We’re left with 13 top 10 rankings, up three from last week.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s main site was pretty neutral this week, with some terms moving up and some moving down in pretty much equal measure, but only leaving him with three top 10’s for the domain.  His secondary domain fared better, however.  Only three terms moved, and they all moved up, leaving him with one #1 and all ten of his phrases in the top 10.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

On the surface, Larry’s maintaining two #1 rankings and four in the top 10.  Outside of it, one keyword moved down one spot while the rest all moved up, one by as much as 32 spots and one entered the top 100 at #55, putting all but one of his search terms on the board.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Once again we’re seeing a big amount of dancing going on with Danielle’s site.  Almost all of the nine top 10-ranked terms moved up, but outside of that it was pretty evenly mixed between the ups and the downs.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben’s rankings are looking good with eight #1 rankings and 43 top 10’s.  Both of those are down one from last week, but the overall movement this week was pretty positive.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin’s maintained three top 10 rankings this week, though two of them had slight drops.  Outside of the top 10 only two search phrases dropped while the rest moved up.  Overall I’d call that good progress.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

Bill’s got five #1 rankings and 13 top 10’s, the lowest one of those coming in at #5, which is the same, overall, as last week.  Two terms dropped slightly, but all the #1 rankings stayed the same and the rest moved up.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

Dave’s got three #1 rankings like last week, but dropped one top 10 ranking for a total of 24.  Still not bad for such a new website in a pretty competitive niche.  The site still seems to be doing a bit of the Google dance with a big mix of up and down movement.

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