SEO Review: November 26, 2012


I just wanted to start off with a quick word to say that overall, we’ve had some really great gains across the board on most of our campaigns this week. That said, away we go!

Joe’s SEO Campaign

Okay, so I said what I said above, but Joe’s campaign is actually down slightly this week.  #1 rankings went from 39 to 34, but all but one only dropped one or two spots.  Top 10 rankings are up two to 68.  There was a lot of movement up and down the campaign, but it’s still doing very well.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Eric had four keywords that moved down: -1, -1, -3 and -4.  Not counting search terms that aren’t in the top 100, only two stayed where they were from last week.  Every other set of keywords moved up this week, and the numbers range from one spot to 39.  This movement leaves us with two new #1 rankings and 16 in the top 10, which is up four from last week.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

The primary domain only had two downward movers this week and one that stayed put while the rest moved up.  One of the keywords that moved down dropped ten spots though, so the primary domain is left with three top 10 rankings.

The secondary domain, as it has tended to do since the switch was made back to the old design, fared better.  two dropped, but they only dropped two each, and two stayed put, one of those already being ranked at #1.  the rest moved up, leaving us with one #1 ranking and ten top 10’s.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Larry’s campaign was the least productive this week, which was a little bit of a surprise.  He’s got two #1’s and three top 10’s, which is down one top 10 from last week.  four terms dropped, one went up and the rest stayed the same.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle’s holding steady at eight top 10 rankings this week.  There was a lot of little movement, mostly twos and threes, with the majority of them moving in a positive direction.  Danielle’s got a lot of keywords, so I’m not going to break it down like I did some of the other campaigns, but it seems that the majority of the keywords that were in the top 30 or so were the ones that fared best.  Outside of that there are a few more significant drops.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

We had a nice bounce with this one, going from numbers that were slightly down last week to a good improvement this week.  We’re looking at 10 #1 rankings (up from seven) and 48 top 10’s (up eight).  The vast majority of the keywords in this campaign went up this week while very few moved down.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Of all the keywords ranking in the top 100 for Kevin, not a single one went down this week, and only three stayed where they were last week.  While that still only leaves us with three top 10 rankings, there are several knocking at the door and the site has been trending in a positive direction.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

Bill’s got four #1 rankings and 12 in the top 10, which is up two top 10’s from last week.  This doesn’t, however, account for whatever it is that’s causing some of the Google Places results not to count in our rank tracking program.  We haven’t had a chance to add many of the pages we talked about, but they should be coming soon.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

Dave’s campaign probably would have won the award for most improved if not for Kevin’s.  He had two keywords drop (one by one, the other by two), 11 stayed where they were, but all the rest moved up.  The upward mobility this week has lead us to five #1 rankings and 25 top 10’s, up two and one respectively, but the sheer number of terms that moved up this week is a big positive.

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