SEO Review: November 19, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

We’ve maintained 39 #1 rankings for this campaign, but dropped to 66 in the top 10.  Despite the noticeable drop in top 10’s, the movement was pretty even between the number of keywords that moved up and those that moved down.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

This campaign definitely saw some improvement this week.  We went from having 12 top 10 rankings to two #1’s and 13 top 10’s.  Only a few terms went down at all, while most of them moved up.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

The primary domain for this campaign improved from four to five top 10 rankings this week.  Three terms dropped slightly and three had no movement, but all the rest moved up.  The secondary domain faed even better, with two moving down, four staying put (one was already ranked #1) and the rest moving up.  This domain has one #1 ranking and 10 in the top 10.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Looking at the generalized numbers, it would appear that Larry’s campaign made no progress, sitting at two #1’s and four top 10’s, just like last week.  However, only one search term moved down, and that was only one spot.  Four stayed the same and the rest all moved up.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

We’re looking at eight top 10 rankings, which is down one from last week due to a #9 that dropped two spots this week.  However, the overall progress of the campaign is positive with 18 keywords moving up this week.  The biggest mover was one that jumped 44 spots.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

This campaign continues to do well, though the numbers are slightly down from last week.  There are seven #1 rankings and 40 in the top 10.  Movement was up and down all across the board as the site continues doing the Google dance.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin has maintained his three top 10 rankings.  Two search terms moved up and two moved down, but there was otherwise no movement this week.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

Bill’s got four #1 rankings and 10 top 10’s, down just a bit from last week.  We will be adding a number of pages to the site in the near future though, which should give it a nice big boost.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

Dave’s looking at the same big picture numbers as last week, with three #1 rankings and 24 top 10’s.  At a glance, the overall progress was downward this week, with quite a few search terms dropping two spots, but the biggest mover was a +20.  I’d say the site is still in pretty good shape.

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