SEO Review: May 28, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

One of our #1’s dropped dropped to #2, so we’ve now got nine #1’s, but still 25 in the top 10.  Not a whole lot of action this week, just a few search phrases moving up or down a few spots.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Holding steady at three #1 rankings, but we’re up to 22 from 17 in top 10 rankings.  All 35 search phrases are ranked in the top 100 again though, as a lot of them took some major leaps forward this week.  Of course, we saw this happen a few weeks ago, so we’ll see if it stays stable this time.

One of the main phrase we’re working on has achieved it’s highest ranking to date at #11, which is great news.

Josh’s SEO Campaign

Josh’s site still hasn’t been updated since January.  I’m strongly of a mind that if he would update the site a little (add some articles, change the expired special on the homepage) that this site would do really well.  As is, there’s one #1 (up again after dropping to #2 last week), a #2 and a #4.  After that it’s somewhat all over the place with the rest of the search terms.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s main site only has one search phrase outside the top 10 (at #13), with one #1 ranking.  The secondary site has one #1 as well, but only seven in the top 10.  As I’ve been saying, the secondary site is actually just a domain redirected to a page on the main site, so I think there’s a duplicate content penalty.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Bryce now has nine #1 rankings, including one of the new extremely broad, generic search phrases.  This one in particular has over 90,000 global monthly searches.  That means that in a month her site will be the first non-paid result for over 90,000 searches.  The estimated cost per click, were she to pay for an ad, is $1.12.  If just a quarter of the people who search for that term in a month click the top ad, the cost would be over $25,000.  And that, folks, is the value of the SEO service we provide, because I can assure you that Bryce is paying nowhere near that much in a month.

Outside of those nine terms, five more are in the top 10.  Every search phrase that had movement this week had positive results.

Chad’s SEO Campaign

Chad’s got three phrases in the top 100, the best being at #13.  As I told Chad before, I think we’re going to have to do extra work on the site.  Moving it to a new system and adding a blog would be my top recommendations.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Most of Larry’s search phrases maintained this week, though there was a small move up and a few small moves down.  We’ve still got one #1 and three top 10’s, as well as a #1 ranking in Google Images.  On top of that, six of the top ten videos on a Google video search belong to Larry, including the first three results.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle’s site is essentially finished, with the exception of descriptions of the services she offers.  I personally added text to the landing pages this past week, and it looks like it’s made a pretty big difference.

Two weeks ago only four search phrases ranked at all, and they ranged from the 70’s to the 90’s.  Last week there were 23, ranging from #6 to #98.  This week there are 34 search phrases in the top 100, ranging from #2 to #94.  Five are in the top 10.  The biggest jump was 87 spots for a search phrase that ended this week at #11.  All in all I’d say this campaign is off to a terrific start.

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