SEO Review: March 6, 2012


A day late, I know, but I gave you fair warning.  We had a great trip, thanks for asking, but of course it’s time to get back to reality.  So here we go.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

We’ve still got nine #1 rankings this week, but there are now 26 search phrases ranked in the top 10 (an increase of seven from last week), seven of which are at #3.  Only two terms dropped at all this week, with all the rest staying the same or making some significant leaps.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Three phrases dropped from where they were a week ago.  Two only dropped a spot or two and one dropped significantly, but that one has been break dancing all up and down Google for a while now.  A few phrases didn’t change.  The vast majority went up, most of them a good 5-15 places.  It should be noted that two of the main search phrases have moved from borderline page three to firmly on page two.  That may shift some in the future, but the upward trend is a definite positive.

Josh’s SEO Campaign

I’m not sure if I’ve seen as much Google dancing in a one-week span as I’ve seen with Josh’s account this week.  If you look at the end of last week and compare it to this week, many of the terms are up, anywhere from a couple spots to 15.  Several of these, however, swung wildly up and down during the week.

We do have ten search phrases in the top 10 though, fou r of which were not there a week ago.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

We’re mostly steady this week with one new phrase in the #1 spot and otherwise a couple minor ups and downs.  The biggest leap is one that went from 29 last week to 17 today.  The secondary domain seems to have made better gain this week than the primary domain.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

We’ve got eight search phrases in the top 10, all between spots 1 and 3.  The most competitive term made a nice jump from #54 to #39. There was some significant Google dancing for this phrase throughout the week and I expect it to dance some more, but it’s been steady for the last few days.

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