SEO Review: March 26, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

Rock steady.  26 search phrases in the top 10 including nine at #1 and nine at #3.  Several terms went up or down a spot (from #2 to #3, from #4 to #3 and so forth).  There was a good bit of activity throughout the week for a lot of the phrases that aren’t already ranked at the top, but, like the others, they either ended up where they were at the start of last week or they just moved up or down a spot or two.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

There are still two search phrases ranked #1 this week, but we have 14 in the top 10, which is one more than last week.  Our two main search terms are both on page 2 again with one of them ranking at #12.  It’s been bouncing between #11 and #13 throughout the week.

Several phrases (non-key ones) had some drops a couple weeks ago, but they continue to slowly climb back up, which is a sign that things are going well and our strategy is working.  Interestingly enough, a couple of our “just for the hell of it” phrases (ones that are valuable but have more competition and had not been a big focus) are at all-time highs after first showing up in the top 100 about a month ago.

Josh’s SEO Campaign

Two #1’s and five in the top 10 (up one from last week), including one of our main search phrases.  Another one moved up to page 2 this week.

There are a number of terms we’re tracking but not actively optimizing the site for that I’m considering dropping from the report, as they’re not really doing much of anything.  Because, as I said, we’re not actively optimizing for those terms.  They were simply some related terms I threw on to see if they gained any traction.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Like last week, we have 16 search phrases in the top 10.  That said, the overall trend this week was a downward one, though the largest drop was only five spots.  The phrases at the top stayed pretty stable though, but there was a bit of wiggle throughout the week for most of the rest of them.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Eight out of twelve search phrases are still in the top 10.  Four are #1, two are #2 and there’s one each at #3 and #4.  The only drop was a #3 going to a #4.  One of the phrases is on page 2 right where it was last week, though it did dance a little during the week.

One particularly competitive phrase we’re working on took a nice big jump from #61 to #43 after having made a big jump from #63 to #49 yesterday.

We’ll be welcoming Chad, a new addition to the SEO Review, next week as I just sent an invoice to him today.  This one is an ecommerce site in a very competitive niche, so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

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