SEO Review: March 19, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

Very little movement with Joe’s campaign this week.  There were a few ups and downs, but nothing more than a couple of spots.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

We’ve now got 13 search phrases in the top 10, one more than last week, and we’ve still got two #1 phrases.  There were a number of large drops this week, which might mean we need to go to the next level package for this campaign and diversify the off-site factors a bit.

Josh’s SEO Campaign

Josh has four search phrases in the top 10, including two at #1.  Looking at the rankings throughout the week though, many of the phrases are still bouncing all around.  More consistent updates on the site by the client would be my suggestion to help both move it up in the rankings and stabilize it a bit.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Both the primary and the secondary domain were overall pretty stable this week, which is fine because there are a total of 16 search phrases that rank in the top 10.  A couple phrases went down a little, but most of the ones that moved went up several spots.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

The eight search phrases that are in the top 10 remain there this week with four of them being #1.  The only one that did move went from #3 to #4.  The other phrases continue Google dancing up and down.  The one on page two went down four spots and the other one dropped 11 spots.  However, to show how much it’s been going up and down, it was 20 spots higher earlier in the week.  It’s been as high as 38 and as low as 91, so I think it’ll be some time before this term stabilizes.

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