SEO Review: March 12, 2012


This week should be subtitled: Google Likes to Tango.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

There are still nine #1’s in this report and 26 search phrases in the top 10 (plus one more for a term that shows up as outside of the top 100 in the report but is actually in a #3 spot).  Two search phrases dropped a few spots and the rest either went up or maintained.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

We’ve got 12 top 10’s this week, including two #2’s.  The two main phrases are still on page two.  Overall there was a bit of a drop this week, but looking back at the ranking timeline for the week we see that there has been a lot of volatility in the rankings- lots of up and down movement.  I expect that will continue a bit over the next week or so until the rankings stabilize again.  Usually when that happens the rankings are at least as high as they have been on average.

Josh’s SEO Campaign

Josh’s campaign continues to do more dancing than the rest.  He’s currently sitting pretty with two steady #1 search phrases though, including seven in the top 10.  That’s down three from our last report, but if we check back tomorrow that could change back, so volatile are these rankings.  There were some big drops and some big gains, but these were mainly on secondary search phrases.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

The secondary domain, which is optimized for one of the search terms, is steady this week.  There are a couple minor drops (a spot or two) on it, but all but one of the search phrases are all in the top ten (including a #1), and the one that isn’t isn’t even a phrase that appears on the page, so that’s almost to be expected.

The primary domain had a bit of movement throughout out the week.  It’s mostly steady but did see a few drops as well.  Still, six of the ten search phrases are in the top ten.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

The search phrases that have been ranking well continue to stay steady.  Eight phrases are in the top ten: four #1’s, two #2’s and two #3’s.  Another phrase went from #12 to #14, which is where it debuted on our report (from being initially unranked).  Our most challenging phrase went from #39 to #50, but to illustrate how much it’s been dancing since we started the campaign it’s been as low as #91 and as high as #38.  Since Wednesday it’s actually shown a stable climb, whereas before it was mostly jumping around all over the place.  This is good because it shows that it might be starting to stabilize and is trending up.

I’m expecting that we’ll have a new account to track starting at some point in the next couple weeks.  Initial keyword research has been done on it, so we’re just waiting for the green light and the check to get started.


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