SEO Review: June 25, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

Still sitting pretty with 10 #1 rankings and 24 top 10’s.  A few moved down a spot, a few moved up two spots.  Outside of the top 10 we had a bit of volatility with lots of ups and downs.  I started a social networking campaign for Joe this past week and will finally be stepping up the SEO efforts next month, so I’m expecting not only some stability, but some increased rankings as well.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Like last week we’ve got two #1 rankings, though the number in the top 10 dropped by one to 17.  That said, our two most important search phrases both made it into the top 10 (both at #10) this week.  One of them moved up one spot to achieve this, the other having moved up seven.

Aside from the above, Eric’s campaign is doing pretty well with almost every other ranked term coming in on the first two pages of the Google results.  There continues to be a bit of Google dancing though, so we’ll see if this settles down any time soon.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

We’re back to every term for Nilesh’s main domain ranking in the top 10 again, including one #1 whereas last week one had dropped to #11, the top spot on page two.  Aside from that one moving up two, one other phrase went up one and one dropped one.  In fact, we’re looking at rankings of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.  It’s bad, but the obsessive side of me wants one of those #5 rankings to drop to #7 just so we can have a full set from 1-10.

The secondary domain is doing almost as well with one #1 and eight in the top 10.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Joy!  The two most coveted search phrases for this campaign jumped back up to #1 this week, bringing the total of #1 rankings to eight, with 13 in the top 10.  Almost every term that moved went up, with only two dropping at all.

Chad’s SEO Campaign

We’ve got three search phrases ranking this week, the top being at #16.  I’m in talks with Chad about doing a complete overhaul of his website.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Maintaining four top 10 rankings crowned by a single #1.  One search term went up six spots and one entered the top 100 at #86.  Two went down by one and two spots with no movement for the rest.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Still a pretty young site, Danielle’s rankings have yet to settle down much, which is good since there is one # and three in the top 10.  There’s a lot of movement, more of it little but positive.  In fact, if we expand our view to the top 20 (the first two pages of the Google results), we’re looking at 12 in the top 20, with three at #11 and one at #12.  It’s a work in progress, but I’m liking the direction of the progress.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

I love seeing results like what we’re seeing with Ben’s campaign.  We took an existing site and added a ton of pages, each optimized for different terms.  Almost none of them were ranking before we started, and now we’re already looking at 38 results in the top 10.  It’s going so well that I’ll actually break it down for you by the ranking.

#1: 5
#2: 5
#3: 7
#4: 3
#5: 5
#6: 3
#7: 4
#8: 1
#9: 4
#10:  1

One #1 and a #2 were not ranked in the top 100 at all last week.  There was a lot of little movement with phrases that were ranked last week, but there were also some giant leaps with the larger movers going up 50, 53, 55 and even 73 spots.

As well as this campaign is going, there are still plenty of phrases that are not in the top 10 or even top 100 that we still get to work on, plus as we’ve seen we never know when Google might change things up and completely toss these results around.  Still, I’m very pleased with the early stages of this campaign.

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