SEO Review: June 18, 2012


It would seem that Google is still changing things up a bit, as evidenced by looking back over the numbers this week.  There’s been a lot more volatility in the search engine results this week than there has been lately.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

We’re still at 10 #1’s and 24 top 10’s with a little movement up and down here and there throughout.  I’m expecting some nice jumps next month though, as Joe and I had a discussion last week about stepping it up starting next month.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

We’re down from three to two #1’s and 18 top 10’s from 22.  A lot of the rankings that weren’t doing as well last month are not doing as well again.  I think this campaign has shown more volatility than any other over the course of the week.  I did take a look at some of his landing pages, and it does look like they still haven’t all been fleshed out with unique, specific content.  With Google’s renewed emphasis on on-site content, I’m pretty certain that would help.  That said, I just looked at his Google Analytics and saw that one of his blog posts about a local resort has garnered him some extra hits this month.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Last week all of the search phrases for Nilesh’s main domain were ranked in the top 10.  This week one of them dropped to #11, but it’s still doing well.  Three went up one, three dropped one.  The secondary domain has one #1 and eight top 10’s.  Only one search phrase went down one; the rest either maintained or went up between one and nine spots.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Sadness!  Bryce’s search phrases are all still doing great, but my two favorite rankings for this site dropped from #1, one to #2 and one to #3.  Still great rankings, but I really liked them being #1.  She’s still got six #1’s (one being new at that position) and 13 top 10’s.

Chad’s SEO Campaign

Chad’s campaign seems to be coming back a bit.  Our former great ranking jumped up 13 spots this week and another search phrase jumped almost 60 spots.  A third one is ranked, but just at the edge of the top 100.  I’m still suggesting an overhaul and an active, on-site blog.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Holding steady at four top 10’s with one #1.  I still haven’t heard back about my SEO-recommended on-site changes, but since there’s been little movement I’m thinking they haven’t been implemented.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

We’ve still got one #1 ranking for Danielle, but only three in the top 10 this week.  That said, four are ranked at #11.  Despite this news, the overall trend this week was an upward one, with quite a few moving up one to seven spots.  It’s a new site and is still doing the Google dance.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

In the last week we’ve set up primary location-based landing pages and we’re working on adding service pages for each location. Considering that we’re nowhere near finished with that we’re doing, I’m pretty pleased with how this project is going so far. I wanted to go ahead and get a sort of base-level reading on how the site is doing, so I finished the keyword research and began tracking ranks last week. With the content we’ve already got up, we’ve achieved two #1 rankings and 20 top 10’s. 61 out of the 76 search phrases we’re tracking are ranked in the top 100.

The reason I know the work we’ve done already has had an effect is that there was, as of last week’s rank check, one #1 and three in the top 10. Another was ranked at #92 and moved up 78 spots to #14. The search phrases that entered the top 100 this week rank all the way from #3 to #88. As we start writing content and finishing the location-specific service pages it should only go up.

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