SEO Review: June 11, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

Ten #1’s and 24 in the top 10.  That’s one less than last week, but most of those search phrases moved up between one and three spots.  Over all we’re just waiting to take this to the next level.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

We’re maintaining three #1 rankings and 22 in the top 10, which, like Joe’s campaign, is down one from last week.  There were small movements up and down within the top 10, but three terms moved into the #2 position, so, also like Joe’s, I count that as improvement.  Outside of that, however, there were a number of drops.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s main domain showed stability or improvement in every single search term resulting in all ten being in the top 10, including one holding steady at #1.  The secondary domain showed overall improvement too, with three terms moving up as many as eight spots.  Two of them lost ground: one by one spot and another by 14, but the one that lost 14 is not even written on the main page for that domain.  It has one #1 and eight top 10’s.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

My crown jewel maintained nine #1 rankings with 15 in the top 10.  One dropped three spots (to #8), but every other term that wasn’t already ranked #1 or #2 improved between one and five spots.

Chad’s SEO Campaign

I’ve had some initial talks with Chad about performing a major overhaul on his site, because I think it’s just not working, structurally, and there’s only so much I can do with the system in which his site was built.  This week there are only two terms ranking, and neither are in the top 10.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Despite one term taking a pretty big hit (it was already not ranking well), this campaign showed improvement on the whole.  We’ve got one #1 and four in the top 10.  I sent some recommendations to the developer of the website a couple weeks ago that I don’t think have been implemented, but if or when those suggestions are implemented I think we’ll see even more improvement.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle finished her content this past week.  Looking at this week’s results, it appears that Google hasn’t yet figured out where to put the site, so I might wait for things to settle a little more before starting the offsite optimization in earnest.  As it is, we’re maintaining one #1 and five top 10 rankings.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Welcome out newest client, Ben.  Ben provides a very needed service in a part of the country known for needing that service.  We’re working on adding pages to his site in order to make the most out of the optimization effort and will beging the offsite SEO at the beginning of July.  We haven’t yet finalized the keyword research or on-site optimization, but we should at least have some initial readings to go off of starting next week.

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