SEO Review: July 30, 2012


Let’s jump right in.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

This week we’ve got nine #1’s and 26 top 10’s in Google.  To be fair, we did add a new term to track and it happened to rank #1, meaning that one of the others dropped this week (to third, to be precise).  We’re still seeing a good bit of movement up and down throughout the rankings, though most of the top 10 is pretty stable.  This is good because that means it’s pretty settled for now, so there shouldn’t be any big drops (possibly until Google screws around with their algorithm again).

Eric’s SEO Campaign

We’ve still got two #1 rankings for Eric, but only 13 in the top 10, which is down one from last week.  About half the terms in the top 10 had some slight (1-3) drops this week, but there were a number of positive moves outside the top 10 as well.  As Eric’s busy season winds down he’ll be able to spend more time on updating site content, which will help out.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

As you may recall, Nilesh was planning on restoring his old website design at the beginning of the month.  We talked about it and decided to just go ahead and do it last week, so I was very interested to see the effect it would have on his rankings.

On the main domain we’ve still got one #1 but we dropped one of the top 10’s to end up with seven for this week.  One search phrase that was pretty stable dropped from #11 to 28 and another very stable and very important one dropped from #9 to #30.  Hopefully they’ll recover after Google decides the new (old) site is just fine.

Surprisingly, the secondary site fared much better.  All movement was positive except for one that was ranked well outside of the top 10 and fell three spots.  The biggest mover was one that was ranked #27 and jumped to the #16 spot.  The other eight search terms were all in the top 10 with one coming in at #1, the same as last week.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Bryce’s rankings are holding steady at nine #1’s, including some very competitive search terms, and 16 in the top 10.  I noted last week that one of the two search terms we have that is located outside of the top 10 made a good jump to #16.  It dropped back down to #26 this week.  While that’s a little disappointing, it’s still higher than it has been for the majority of the campaign.  With that particular phrase it seems the Google Dance will continue.

Chad’s SEO Campaign

The one term that Chad’s had that ranked in the top 10 is back in the top 10 again, at #10.  However, this will be the last we see of Chad’s campaign for a while.  He’s decided to go through with a redesign, which we will be starting soon.  In the meantime we’ll be suspending the SEO campaign.  It should be back after a while though.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Four top 10’s with one #1 still.  We did, however, see some nice gains.  While two search terms dropped some (one and seven), others went up by as many as 33 spots and for the first time in a while, all the phrases are ranked in the top 100.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

One #1 and four top 10’s still.  As I said last week, as soon as things settle down a bit I’m going to add a number of pages and a good bit of content to the site that ought to help boost some rankings a good bit.  There was movement all up and down her rankings, from -8 to +49.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Whereas last week saw a lot of non-movement, there was a good bit of it this week all up and down the search terms.  It ranged from -9 to +16, but most of the movement was small and positive.

As of today, the lowest-ranked search term comes in at #44.  One of our #1’s dropped by one to #2, but we’ve still got 11 of them and 15 #2’s (up three from last week) to go along with the 61 top 10 rankings (which is down two from last week).  Even though it sounds like we’ve lost a little bit of the top billing, the campaign continues to do really, really well and is trending upward overall.

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