SEO Review: July 23, 2012



My apologies for not posting an SEO Review last week.  It was the first time since I started doing them at the beginning of the year that I failed to post one.  My excuse?  Between all the meetings and deadlines we had last week, I just didn’t have the time to devote to it.  Keep in mind that the results we’ll be talking about will still be based on last week’s results, not the last report’s results.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

Nine #1’s and 25 top 10’s, which is how it’s been for a while.  There was a little movement here and there though, mostly up and down two or three spots.  We did begin our social networking and submitted an article to the site this past week, and in that time one of our major phrases jumped 24 spots to #16 on page two.  It’s one that’s done a good bit Google dancing in the past, so we’ll see if it stays there or not.  Since it is somewhat related to the article we posted, as well as being tied into several social networking posts, I do think that our new efforts are starting to show fruit.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Eric’s still got two #1’s and 14 top 10’s.  A few phrases slipped a couple spots, but many more made up ground.  While the phrases that rank high in Eric’s campaign are pretty stable, there is still a good bit of movement in phrases ranked outside the top 10.  I expect this will stop when his busy season dies down and he is able to focus some efforts on website content.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s primary domain has one #1 and eight top 10’s, with two phrases having dropped to #11.  The secondary domain has the same numbers (though different rankings throughout the top 10).  One of his phrases tok a big drop this week, but in all fairness, I don’t think that particular phrase shows up anywhere on his website.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Bryce’s campaign continues to shine with a steady nine #1 rankings and 16 top 10’s.  A number of phrases dropped as many as two spots, but one of the elusive phrases we’ve been trying to get moved up did jump 16 spots to #16 yesterday.  That particular one has danced a good bit since we started this campaign.  It started out at #45 and has gone as low as 91 and as high (previously) as 23, so we’re glad to see some progress with it.

Chad’s SEO Campaign

We’re looking at two ranked terms for this campaign this week, one on page three and one on page two at #13, which is up one from where it was last week.

Chad and I had a meeting last week to discuss his site and I sent him a proposal for a redesign, which I feel certain will help him rank better in the future.  I’m just waiting on the green light at this point.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Holding steady with four top 10’s and one #1.  We had a couple terms drop two spots and one drop one, but all other movement was upwards either one spot or five.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

We’re maintaining the same stats we’ve had for a while with Danielle’s site: one #1 with four in the top 10.  The overall trend for this website, after its initial climb, has been a downward one though.  Once we’ve caught up with our current projects we’ll be adding a number of pages to Danielle’s site in the style of Joe’s and Ben’s SEO campaigns.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben’s campaign showed no movement in 34 out of 76 search terms this week.  However, when you’ve got 12 #1 rankings and 12 #2 rankings included in a total of 63 ranked inside the top 10, stability is a good thing.  Outside of that, we had 11 search terms drop in ranking, most of them being only one spot and the highest being seven, but 30 of them also went up, most of them by one or two.  Four of them went up between 19 and 35 spots though.  So yeah, this campaign is still rocking.

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