SEO Review: July 2, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

This is the month we get to ramp up our SEO efforts for Joe’s campaign.  A large part of what we’ll be doing is writing articles and developing social networks for Joe’s business.

As of right now, we’re at nine #1 rankings (down one, but the term that dropped has been Google dancing between #1 and #5 the last few days) and maintaining 24 in the top 10.  There’s been a little movement here and there, both up and down.  Nothing too new there.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Sitting pretty with two #1 rankings and 16 in the top 10.  Last week there were 17, but one of our main terms dropped from #10 to #11.  Despite that, several of the terms in the top 10 moved up a spot with only one other dropping one.  Outside of the top 10 we continue to see some Google dancing.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s primary domain continues to have every term ranked in the top 10 with one #1.  The secondary domain, like last week, has eight in the top 10.  None of those moved this week.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Just like last week we’ve got eight #1 rankings.  One of our #1’s dropped a spot to #2, but one of our #2’s moved up to #1.  I think they should come to an agreement where they both stay at #1.  We saw some other progress though as we went from having 13 in the top 10 to 16.

One of those terms did a little dancing during the week.  Its previous best ranking was #6, but it took a sudden and precipitous drop for a few days last week, going from 14 to 69 to not in the top 100.  It came back a few days later at #24, jumped up to #5 and has been at a record high #4 for the past few days.  I guess Google just has to make sure things are where they should be sometimes.

Chad’s SEO Campaign

I’m glad to say that Chad’s rankings have markedly improved this week.  Our top search phrase had a previous best at #8, where it sat for a while before dancing a bit.  As of today it is sitting at an all-time high of #5.

That’s the only term from this campaign ranked in the top 10, but others have made some strides, jumping at many as 23 spots.  We’ve now got terms on page 1, 2 and 3 as well as a couple others in the top 100.

That said, I’m still in favor of a website overhaul.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

We’ve still got four top 10 rankings with one #1 and eight out of ten ranked in the top 100.  One did enter the top 100 at #58, which is a nice way to come back into being listed.  Its previous best was at #79.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Still showing a lot of dancing as Google tries to figure out where this site belongs.  We do still have one #1 and improved from three to four in the top 10.  A number of terms dropped by three to five spots, a few a little more than that, but a lot of the upward movement was by by nine or more, including one that went up 19.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

This campaign continues to kick serious tail.  Last week we had five #1 rankings and 38 in the top 10.  This week we’ve doubled the number of #1 rankings to 10 and saw an almost 50% increase in top 10 rankings to 54.  Remember that we’ve been tracking this site for just a few weeks and most of these terms were completely unranked when we started.  The good stuff started happening once we added a ton of content to the site.

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