SEO Review: January 7, 2013


Joe’s SEO Campaign

We’re up one to 38 #1 Google rankings and up one to 67 top 10 rankings.  Overall movement was positive, with quite a few double-digit gains to put quite a few keywords on pages two and three.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Leveled off a little bit here from the past few weeks, but we’re still seeing overall improvement, including a new #1 ranking.  We’re at six #1’s while holding steady at 22 top 10’s.  There were a few -1 movers, but many more that went up between two and four spots.  Leveling out this week, as I said, but still improving.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

The primary site is down to two top 10 rankings while the secondary site, which I might as well call the primary site at this point, has one #1 ranking with all other nine keywords coming in at the top ten.  As far as movement goes, both domains were pretty much equal in their ups and downs, though there wasn’t really a whole lot of movement in total.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Two #1 rankings and a #2.  All keywords are in the top 100 this week, with the biggest mover being a +39.  Larry and I had a chat this week about things that needed to be done with his site to help improve rankings even more.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Back up to six top 10 rankings.  There was a lot of little movement with a lot of +1’s.  The biggest movers were a +65 and a +29.  While this one continues doing a bit of Google dancing, it seems to be heading in a positive direction.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

At a glance my first though was that this one was down this week because there were a lot of small drops, but at a closer look the positive movers outweigh them.  This week we’ve got 10 #1 rankings and 54 in the top 10.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

After taking a step back last week, this campaign has moved forward once again.  While it’s still sitting at three top 10 rankings, only three search terms dropped at all, the worst being a -4, four stayed put and the rest moved up, the largest by 11 spots.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

Four #1 rankings improves last week’s #1’s by one while holding steady at 17 top tens.  Of course, I did check one of the search terms that I know is actually ranking higher locally and it is indeed still on page one, #4 in the Google Places results.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

Both the #1 rankings and the top 10 rankings continued improving today, settling in at 10 and 31 respectively.  Five keywords dropped, though none went down more than four spots, while quite a few more moved up, the highest going up 17.

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