SEO Review: January 30, 2012


I’ve decided to change up the format this week.  After nearly a month of posting tables and numbers, I decided that just showing numbers next to other numbers wasn’t a good way to tell a whole story.  Instead we’ll just discuss the overall progress of each of our search engine optimization efforts for each client and give any thoughts about them.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

A few phrases are up a little, a few are down a little.  The ones that were on page one last week are still on page one, though some have shifted a little.  Overall there’s been no major change this week.  We’re still waiting on the go-ahead to take this campaign to the next level, which ought to get some of the tougher search phrases pushed up in the rankings.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Eric’s campaign suffered an overall drop this week with several phrases falling a couple spots and several more maintaining their position.  Over the course of the next week or so, Eric’s website will be redesigned and moved to a smaller (by which I mean less crowded) and faster server.  Between consolidating several aspects of his current online efforts into one website and dropping Flash (thereby adding more indexable content), I would expect it to give him a bit of a boost in the coming weeks and months.

The main search phrase remains at the first spot on the third page.

Josh’s SEO Campaign

There were a few ups and downs with Josh’s site this week, but almost half of his search terms still come up on the first page of Google.  A couple phrases did quite a bit of Google dancing, falling out of the top 100 then bouncing right back up.  The search engine optimization only started on this site a few weeks ago, so a good bit of bouncing around before settling down is not unexpected.

New Campaigns

Before next week two new campaigns will be listed on here.  The first is for Nilesh, a real estate agent specializing in one particular service and the other is Bryce, an retailer with an online store that supplements her offline business.

Special Note

I haven’t mentioned my own search engine optimization efforts because we’ve been too busy to worry with actively marketing our own services, but I am tracking our progress for a few highly competitive search phrases.  When I have time I’ll add more search phrases to our own campaign, but this week we did pop onto the search engine rankings for our main phrase.  Given how little work we’ve put towards it up to this point it was a pleasant surprise.

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