SEO Review: January 28, 2013


Joe’s SEO Campaign

Joe’s got the same overall numbers as last week: 37 #1 rankings and 68 top 10’s.  I had to make sure the numbers were up to date, since that doesn’t happen often, but that is indeed the case here.  There was a good bit of small negative movement, but also big positive ones, like one that jumped 25 spots form last week to wind up at #1.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Eric’s holding steady at six #1 rankings but one of his top 10’s dropped three spots to bring him to 22 in that category this week.  Movement was pretty evenly split between ups and downs, but at a glance I’d say there were more that moved up than went down.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

I had a chat with Nilesh last week.  His traffic is doing well, but he’s wanting more conversions, so we took a look at his website and I came up with a few things to pass along to his webmaster.  We’re also starting to do a little more on-site optimization and adding social networking to the mix, so I expect to see an increase in some combination (hopefully all) of website traffic, conversions and ranking.

At any rate, the primary site is maintaining two top 10 rankings, but the primary has nine, including one #1.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Larry’s still got two #1 rankings and three top 10’s, but he’s showing some nice improvement.  All of his keywords moved up this week except the two #1 ranked ones and two others that dropped two spots.  One particularly important keyword jumped 22 spots.  Larry and I had a discussion last week about doing even more with the site.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle’s got six top 10 rankings this week.  While that’s down a couple, the overall movement was more positive than negative.  Might be time to review Danielle’s site and add some content to it.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben dropped one of his #1 rankings, leaving him with a still-impressive 18 keywords in that top spot.  The top 10’s actually increased to 58 though.  Once again, movement was pretty evenly split with an edge in numbers and size to the pluses.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin’s got two top 10 rankings this week, down one from last week.  More seem to have gone down this week than up.  I discussed a little bit of content addition and restructuring for Kevin in light of that.  It’s not that the campaign is doing bad, because for as crowded a niche as he’s in, it’s not.  I just would have expected a little more movement by now.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

Bill’s campaign is doing well with five #1 rankings, up one from last week, and 19 top 10’s, which is down two from last week.  I expect this one to start picking up pretty quickly, as we added several dozen pages of content to the site a couple weeks ago and finished optimizing them this past Friday.  We’ve already seen several keywords enter the top 100 as a result, and they should only continue going up.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

This will be Dave’s last week on the SEO Review, as he’ll be taking a job with another company.  That makes me sad because his is one of the best examples of what we can do for a site to gain high rankings for a brand new website.  In fact, Dave continues to do really well, adding two #1’s and two top 10’s this week, coming in with 16 and 34 respectively.

I discussed this with Dave via email and also pointed out how his site has steadily been gaining traffic every month.  Dave said he might see about getting us to do SEO for the new firm for which he’ll be working, which would be great.

Ryan’s SEO Campaign

I waited another week before starting any off-site ranking for Ryan, and I’m kind of glad I did.  One keyword went up 10, but most of the rest stayed put or moved down.  Ryan asked about this movement, and what I told him was that this data shows me that there’s little stability in his rankings right now.  I also warned him that there might be even bigger fluctuations once I start with the off-site optimization factors, and that it wouldn’t be surprising to see some big drops, only to have the rankings all come back up stronger a few weeks later.

At any rate, Ryan’s still looking at six top 100 rankings, but the one that was in the top 10, at #10, actually, dropped a few spots.  Again though, I’m confident that they will improve between the off-site work I’ll be doing and the on-site work I suggested to Ryan.

Adam’s SEO Campaign

A couple weeks after welcoming Ryan onboard, we now get to welcome Adam.  While I’m not technically supposed to be doing Adam’s SEO yet (the check should be in the mail), I went ahead and got started on taking readings.  Right now they’re looking at one #1 ranking and three in the top 10.  The website is decently optimized right now, but Adam’s company wanted to make sure they stayed ranking well in addition to ranking for some new phrases.  To that effect, we’ll be adding about 100 pages of content to the site over the next few weeks.

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