SEO Review: January 21, 2013


Sorry for the late SEO Report today (or tonight).  My kid chipped a tooth last night and my morning was spent flitting around dentist offices, making decisions with the wife, getting the tooth fixed and then spending some time with my daughter.  Both tooth and child are now fine, thanks.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

Joe’s maintaining 37 #1 rankings and added one to the top 10 for a total of 68.  Ups and downs were pretty evenly split, but the ups were bigger, so it was an overall improvement.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Much like Joe’s campaign, Eric’s saw a pretty even number of ranks going up and ranks going down, with the ups having higher numbers than the downs.  He’s got six #1 rankings, the same as last week, and 23 in the top 10, which is down one from last week.  It’s the first week in a while that both numbers weren’t up, but it’s still continuing to do well.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s secondary domain still has one #1 ranking but has dropped to nine top 10 rankings for the first time in a long while.  The primary one continues to suffer a duplicate content penalty (my theory anyway) and has dropped from two to one top ranking in the top 10.  Between both domains, all keywords that did move moved down with the exception of one on the secondary domain that moved up one spot.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Larry’s holding steady with two #1 rankings and three in the top 10.  Five keywords dropped between one and four spots, but three moved up, one by ten and another by 48.  Overall I’d say that’s good progress.  I’ve also talked to Larry about changing some of his on-site factors.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle has eight top 10 rankings this week with a lot of positive movement on just about every keyword in that was already in the top 20.  A lot of the keywords that were already ranking low dropped a bit, so to sum it up, the ones that were doing well improved and the ones that weren’t did not.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben had another great week, logging 19 #1 rankings (up four from last week) and 56 top 10’s (down two from last week).  Despite losing two top 10 rankings, the increase in #1’s and the overall positive movement was very good.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

While Kevin still only has three top 10 rankings, every ranked keyword moved up, several by double digits, except one.  It looks like things are starting to kick in for this one.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

While most of the search terms that moved this week only went down one spot, Bill is holding steady with four #1 rankings, but improved to 21 top 10’s.  We’ve added quite a few pages to his site, but they haven’t been fully optimized yet.  Look for continued improvement in the coming weeks.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

We’ve increased Dave’s #1 rankings from ten to 14 this week with 32 in the top 10, which is down one.  It’s very similar to Ben’s rankings in that the #1’s increased while the top 10’s went down slightly.  Different from that campaign, however, is the fact that there was a good mix of upward movers.

Ryan’s SEO Campaign

We’re still in our evaluation period for Ryan’s campaign, but now that we’ve got two weeks under the belt it’ll be time to start the off-site factors this coming week.

Last week there were only three keywords ranked in the top 100, one of them coming in at #10.  We added a few more good search terms and as a result this week we’ve got six top 100 terms, though still only one ranked in the top 10 (at #10).  Look for those numbers to increase as we begin to roll up our sleeves and do some work.

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