SEO Review: January 14, 2013


Joe’s SEO Campaign

We’ve got 37 #1 rankings, 66 in the top 10 for Joe this week.  Both of those numbers are down one from last week.  Obviously movement was down a little this week, but overall the campaign is still going very well.  So even though a few more keywords moved down than up, we did have some good positive movement as well.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Search engine ranking movement leveled out a bit last week for Eric, but this week it’s started back up, and in a very positive way. Four keywords moved down, three of them by one spot, one of them by two.  A few stayed put, but the majority of them moved up, leaving us with six #1 rankings and 24 in the top 10.  One of the main focus keywords moved into the top 10 while another one is knocking on the door at #12.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

The primary domain had three positive movers, the biggest by 14, and three negative movers, topping out at -2.  That leaves the primary domain with two keywords in the top 10, but that’s not a huge surprise since the secondary domain has been the better performer of the two for quite some time.  That one had three +1’s and one -1, but it ranks in the top 10 for all ten keywords, one coming in at #1.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Larry’s still got two #1 rankings and one #2.  Outside of the top 10 we see a good bit of Google dancing.  While one term dropped 46 spots, we had one jump 49 (they’re similar search terms) and another jump 38.  Aside from those there was one other negative one, a -1, while all the rest stayed where they were or went up a few spots.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Though we’re still only looking at ten top 10 rankings, Danielle had an overall positive week with a lot of small, positive movement and only four that moved negatively, the largest being a -2.  Almost every single other keyword went up. the largest jump being 10 spots.  Everything is still trending nicely for her.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

A great week for Ben as we’re looking at 15 #1 rankings with 58 in the top 10.  There were very few keywords that slid down this week and of the multitude of keywords we’re optimizing his site for, only one ranks outside of the top 100 in Google.  In fact, aside from that one, the lowest one is ranked at #23 this week.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin is still looking at three top 10 rankings this week.  There were more than went down than went up, but the keywords that did go up went up by a larger margin than the ones that went down.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

We  had a good week for Bill.  While we’re holding steady at four #1 rankings, the top 10 improved to 20.  We received the content we need to create a number of new pages for the site this past week, so once we get all those pages added and indexed, we should see even more improvement.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

We’re sitting at 10 #1 rankings just like last week, but top 10’s have improved by two to 33.  Ups and downs were pretty evenly split, but obviously the campaign improved overall.

Ryan’s SEO Campaign

Welcome Ryan to our little SEO party.  Ryan’s case is a little different from most.  When I started evaluating Ryan’s site, I noticed they were doing a good job with it.  The pages had good meta tags, they were writing frequent articles and they were current with their social media.  I discussed, pondered and considered and decided we’d try mainly focusing on off-site SEO factors, since just about everything else seemed to be in good order.  Ryan also has a very specific set of keywords in need of optimization, so the list is a good bit smaller than usual.

I haven’t done any off-site work yet in order to get a good read of where things currently stand.  Right now there are three keywords ranked in the top 100, coming in at 10, 15 and 86.  I feel very confident that we can improve that.

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