SEO Review: February 4, 2013


Completely off topic, but February 4 is a very popular birthday among my friends.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

We’re looking at 35 #1 rankings in Google with 66 in the top 10 for Joe this week.  Both of those numbers are down two, but movement was pretty evenly split this week.  The ones that were ranked lower made some particularly good moves, several in the +8 to +13 range.

I had a chat with Joe late last week and we’ve decided to look into some Google Local optimization for him.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Lots of good movement for Eric this week.

Eric’s holding steady at six #1 rankings but one of his top 10’s dropped three spots to bring him to 22 in that category this week.  Movement was pretty evenly split between ups and downs, but at a glance I’d say there were more that moved up than went down.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

We’ve got one top 10 ranking on the primary domain, though the movement was pretty positive.  On the secondary domain, three keywords went down (-1, -1, -3), two stayed where they were (including the one ranked #1) and all the rest moved up for a total of one #1 and nine top 10’s.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Larry had two keywords move down this week, two stay where they were and all the rest moved up.  The two that didn’t move were already ranked at #1, for a total of three top 10 rankings.  Still, it’s a very positive trend, so hopefully we’ll break past this three top 10 ranking hurdle soon.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle’s up two to eight top 10 rankings this week.  While the negative movers had larger numbers, there was a greater number of search terms that moved up.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben dropped one of his #1 rankings, leaving him with a still-impressive 18 keywords in that top spot.  The top 10’s actually increased to 58 though.  Once again, movement was pretty evenly split with an edge in numbers and size to the pluses.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin had three keywords move down this week, three stayed where they were and all the rest moved up.  It still leaves him with just two top 10 rankings, but it’s trending positively.  We also discussed the idea of making some on-site changes to help facilitate better movement last week.  I’d expect to get the green light on that soon.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

Bill’s campaign is looking just like last week’s, with five #1 rankings and 10 in the top 10.  Movement was pretty even.  I’m expecting the pages we added last week to start helping pretty soon.

Ryan’s SEO Campaign

I ended up waiting another week before doing any off-site work on Ryan’s campaign just to see what would happen, and what happened was that all but two keywords dropped, leaving no top ten rankings.  At this point I’m going to go ahead and start the off-site work just to Ryan doesn’t think that I’ve done something to hurt the rankings he already had.

Adam’s SEO Campaign

No movement with Adam this week.  We’re scheduled to add a ton of content to the site tomorrow, and after that I’m going to give it a couple weeks to see what happens naturally before working on off-site factors.  A couple weeks after welcoming Ryan onboard, we now get to welcome Adam.  While I’m not technically supposed to be doing Adam’s SEO yet (the check should be in the mail), I went ahead and got started on taking readings.  Right now they’re looking at one #1 ranking and three in the top 10.  The website is decently optimized right now, but Adam’s company wanted to make sure they stayed ranking well in addition to ranking for some new phrases.  To that effect, we’ll be adding about 100 pages of content to the site over the next few weeks.

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