SEO Review: February 27, 2012


Remember last Monday when I said I’d be spending next Monday flying over the country so I wouldn’t be able to write the SEO review this week?  I was a little overeager and skipped a week of my life.  Still here for now; gone next week.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

Nine #1 rankings, 19 one page one, including a couple newcomers this week.  Outside of that we’ve got a lot of the usual Google Dance: some up, some down, some steady.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

It’s been a good week for Eric’s site as we had a term pop up to #2 and a few others jump up to #3.  A lot of the other terms had a little bit of wiggle throughout the week, but overall the terms posted good gains with just a few minor drops.  The biggest jump of the week was a term that went from #26 to #12, though another went from #26 to #14.

I’ve neglected to note that several search phrases that were previously unranked as recently as a few weeks ago, all of them being major cities or popular vacation or destination wedding spots, are now ranked.  A few of them are in the 20’s and 30’s, though the rest are #74 or higher.  Still, they’re improving.

One term has gone down quite a bit, but it’s only one and it looks like it’s bouncing a good bit still.

Josh’s SEO Campaign

A few small drops and a few small gains, but otherwise holding pretty steady.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Between the two domains we’re tracking, we’ve got 16 search phrases on the first page right now, including one that just moved to #1 this week and another that jumped from #14 to #5.  Outside of that, some small ups and some small downs.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Bryce’s newly redesigned site went live on Friday.  The domain has a bit of age and popularity to it, which is good.  As I mentioned last week, we now have more control over the on-site SEO factors, so we tweaked the meta tags and content some, particularly on the homepage.  We also added a few more terms to track for the site.

While it wouldn’t be right to take full credit for all the terms that rank well, we have seen some definite improvement since the site has gone live for several terms.  First off, Bryce now has four terms ranking #1, one of which was not there when we started the tracking.  We also got one to jump from #4 to #2 and one search phrase went from being unranked to being #14.

So yeah, we’ll at least take a little credit.

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