SEO Review: February 20, 2012



I’ll be spending most of next Monday giving up time as I fly over the country across three time zones, so it’s not too likely that I’ll have the energy or will to write this next Monday.  I apologize to you, my dear and beloved readers.  I know how your Monday isn’t complete without the Nextwave SEO Review.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

Some big ups, some little downs, mostly steady as usual.  Time to remind Joe that we need to take this campaign to the next level.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Last week I mentioned that I was keeping a close eye on Eric’s site since it had just been redesigned.  I moved all the location links back to the footer so they would show up on all pages again, and that seems to have helped.  I also got Eric to create more and better-optimized text for each of the landing pages.

The results?  It looks like there’s still a lot of Google Dancing going on (meaning several search phrases are jumping up and down just about every day), but terms are returning to where they were.

Josh’s SEO Campaign

A couple small ups and a couple small downs.  Our main search phrase held steady though.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

While there was some small fluctuation throughout the week on a few search phrases, the secondary domain’s rankings ended up the same at the end of the week as at the beginning.  The primary domain dropped 1-2 spots for a few phrases, but overall was pretty steady.  We’re going to do a review of on-page factors.  This site was also recently redesigned, but the content of each page was copied over verbatim.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Bryce’s newly-designed website will be live on Friday.  We’ll have a lot more control over on-site optimization factors at that point.  Most importantly, we’ll be able to create content and pages for some of the terms for which we’re trying to rank the site.  As it is, the site ranks the same this week for its top two phrases (#1 and #4) while the one we’re going to start pushing for dropped a good bit last week.  It’s not unexpected though, as the exact phrase appears nowhere on the site.  It’s kind of surprising that it’s ranked at all, given that fact.  Anyway, look for some major improvements for secondary search phrases in the next few weeks.

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