SEO Review: February 13, 2012


This week saw some gains and a few drops.  One of the reasons for the drops, I think, is that I wasn’t able to devote as much time to link building as I have been in previous weeks.  I’ve made sure that those efforts will be continued at the normal pace this week, so we’ll see if that stabilizes tings back to how they were.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

Joe’s site is the picture of steadiness with nine #1 rankings and 26 in Google’s top 10.  Joe called me this weekend to tell me that he’s referring another attorney to me.  He said he told her she needs SEO and all, so hopefully you’ll see another report on here in the not-too-distant future.  I guess we’re doing something right.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

As you may recall, we just recently redesigned Eric’s website.  Since we’re doing SEO work on his site, I wanted to make sure we paid a lot of attention to how he did throughout the week.  I noticed that some of his search phrases went up, but a couple key ones had a major drop.

Eric’s site has a number of landing pages.  On the old site we had links to them in the footer of the pages, but the new site didn’t really allow for that much content, so I created a page to list the landing pages and put a link to that on the homepage.  Apparently Google liked being able to get to them from the homepage, because after I saw the drops I added links for two of the main landing pages and by today they had stabilized to about where they were before.

That said, we were getting to the point where the rankings for the search phrases were pretty steady, so it might be time, once things settle down again, to discuss going to the next level.

Josh’s SEO Campaign

Josh has mostly been steady with an overall slight drop.  As I said last week, I think we need more content on the site (articles and blog posts, mainly).  That said, the main phrase jumped back up to page two again.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

I’d forgotten to include a second domain name in our rank tracking for Nilesh when I set his account up.  The domain is a match for his main phrase and directs to a page on his website, so it’s important to track.

Looking back through the week I saw that there was a little bit of fluctuation for a number of the search phrases, but overall most of the phrases remained the same or increased one spot.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

I expect that we’ll be done with Bryce’s redesigned website in the next few days.  When we do, we’ll have a lot more control over on-site ranking factors, such as meta tags and content.  The site still ranks high for a couple terms, but the one we’re going to make a push on has been Google Dancing a lot this week.  Again, once we have full control of the website it’ll be a lot easier to focus on that search term.

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