SEO Review: February 11, 2013


I mentioned in last week’s SEO review that February 4 was a popular birthday among my friends.  Well, today is my first sister’s birthday.  She’s turning 29 today (for the fifth time).

Joe’s SEO Campaign

#1 rankings increased this week by one as top 10 rankings dropped one, leaving us at 36 and 65 respectively.  Most of the downward movers were (and still are) from the top 10, but outside of the top 10 most of the movement was positive.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

At a glance I thought Eric’s campaign took a dip this week because there were quite a few downward movers lumped together near each other.  Despite this, some did move up, as evidenced by the nine #1 rankings with 25 coming in the top 10.  Both of those numbers are up three from last week.  In fact, all of Eric’s major keywords are now ranked on page one.

This is an example of why you need to stick with your search engine optimization efforts.  Eric’s campaign was a bit of a slow mover for a while, but it’s really shown some fruit over the last couple months.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s secondary domain had absolutely zero movement in the last week, which is a real rarity, which leaves him with one #1 ranking and nine top 10’s for that domain.  The primary domain, which I really ought to stop calling his primary domain, since it was just the first one he had, continued to slide with only one top 10 ranking this week.  All but one of the search terms dropped, though none dropped very far.

Is this a concern?  No.  The secondary domain, which contains the main keywords, is better suited for a higher ranking.  The domain that is not doing as well contains his name, so people who are looking for him specifically will still get where they want to go, whereas people who are looking up the kind of company he runs will find that.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Last week the majority of Larry’s keywords moved up.  This week, three stayed where they were, one moved up and the rest moved down, though none slipped further than two spots.  This campaign is left with one #1 ranking and three in the top 10.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Like Eric’s campaign, when I first glanced at Danielle’s report, I thought it had a net negative because more keywords appeared to move down than to go up.  Despite this, her campaign has moved from eight top 10 rankings to 17, which is the biggest improvement this site’s seen in a while.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben had a pretty even mix of movement, though none of it was very large.  Like last week he’s down one #1 ranking to 17, but his top 10 rankings have stayed at a consistent 58.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin’s also got a pretty good mix of ups and downs.  A few more went down than went up, but the ones that moved up moved generally moved more than the ones that moved down.  We’re still at two top 10 rankings, but there are several just knocking on that door.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

The pages we added to Bill’s site seem to still be working themselves into the rankings.  He’s sitting steady at five #1 rankings, but the top 10’s have jumped from ten to 21.  Yes, they’ve more than doubled from last week.

Ryan’s SEO Campaign

While there still aren’t any top 10 rankings this week, all of Ryan’s top 100-ranked keywords moved up with the exception of one, which went from #92 to outside of the top 100.  Even though there aren’t any top 10 rankings yet, we’re seeing progress.

Adam’s SEO Campaign

This campaign went from no real movement last week to some awesome movement this week.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the 100 or so pages we added to the site are having something of an effect.  Our preliminary report showed one #1 ranking with three top 10’s.  This week we’ve got three #1 rankings and 18 top 10 rankings.

This campaign actually has quite a few Google Places results that differ from the generic rankings.  Ten keywords rank #1 in the Places results with five more placing in the top five Places results.

Every single keyword that was ranked moved up except for one, which dropped four spots.  The ones that moved up went anywhere from two to 85 spots.  In fact, the one that moved two spots was the only one that moved in single digits.  Eight of the top 10 results weren’t even ranked in the top 100 last week.

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